♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: January 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

curi tulang...

saya curi tulang for a while daripada menelaah nota-nota.. hehe..
*padahal da berjam2 curi tulang*

don't know why.. just feel like typing something in here.

i have lots of dissatisfaction. some i'd spilled them out, some i just keep it between myself. entah.. benda yang diluahkan tu, because i can't hold them anymore. & benda yang x terluah, because i can't say them out. it might hurt them. it might ruin the relation. it might... hurmm.. just too many might i guess.. *sigh*

kalau dengan Muhammad Afiq... senang aje nak diluahkan the dissatisfaction.. sbb.. we have too.. we cant hide those problems, especially me. because it will harm me slowly. hence, the relationship will get affected too. huu~ so.. dier pon x kesah mane da klo gF dier ni naek hantu ngan dier. ya la.. like people said... those fights between couples, eventually will strengthen the relationship. hehehe..

but, the dissatisfaction with others.. hurmm.. i only share it with Afiq. & he will soothe my dissatisfaction with his words. *kadang2 menyakitkan hati gak*. huhu.. entah.. sbb dengan orang lain, I feel lazy to get into troubles. kemalasan melanda.. kadang2, bermuka2 jugak.. but heyyy...! bermuka2 dengan orang yg kita kurang suka doesn't mean kiter ni seorang yang hypocrite, owkeh? it means that we are matured enough to deal with the problems & to deal with the annoying person. hee~

dah la. nak sambung blaja.. bubyeee.. ^_^

Thursday, January 2, 2014

people change

indeed, people change through out times. deal with it. it is not something rare. it is normal for people to change. either their behavior, attitude, thinking, appearance, or any thing. it is normal.

so, just deal with it, go with the flow. because, we cant always say that only other people change, to be true, we also change. even without we realize it.

thus, a relationship may affected by it. but, do not be too judgmental bout it, do not be too skeptical, accept it with open heart.. & the relationship will be just fine. because when u r too deep into it, when u r so over-thinking, that's the problem. the problem that affects your relationship, & the 'changing' thingy is just a side 'dish' for the main 'menu' which is the over-thinking'.

so, in my life.. i'd been into this thing for many times. through many relations that i'd been into. i've learned a lot. this is my outcome. deal with it & go with the flow. until today... i am such a lazy person to go into a trouble. i would rather shut my mouth when im in an uncomfortable situation. i would rather be passive when im not interested in that particular situation.

so... this is life. the more u live, the more u learn.