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Saturday, December 14, 2013

he & she

today.. at friend's wedding..

doakan untuk kami juga ye.. hee~

iyurpp.. he lovessssssss to do faces. he lovesssss to spoil the picca. yeah.. he is Afiq.

but do i care? pedulik ape muka dier mcm mne. asal gambar I cantik. I upload. hahaha.. sorry sayang.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

4 years :)

alhamdulillah.. 4 years & still counting..
may Allah ease everything for me & him in the journey for the future.

i heart u mR. Bunchet

Saturday, November 23, 2013


hello guys..

there's nothing much i would like to say here. just giving the news that i am alive. huu~ yes, its been a while i haven't updated anything in here. life is just as busy as the bee. been doing this & that for the sake of the future. assignments, tests and etc.

guys, another year to for me as a student. & another 2 years maybe. doakan saya. doakan kawan2 saya. hope that we can succeed together. & all the best too for all the readers here. aaaminnn...

Friday, October 11, 2013

its been agessss..!


hello hello.. its been ages yawww.. coz i actually have no idea bout what to say in here. but the fact is... there are lots of things happened around me. so many issues. i just don't have the right words to put together, to string them together to tell a story. like seriously... i am word-less. huu~

this semester, i am a busy student. indeed, there are lots of things to be done this semester. assignment with the 'S'. convention, etc. well.. it's a student life. a life where you should live to the fullest.

so, ganbatte eqa..! show to the world that you are batter than before. :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

keep holding on, Eqa

be tough, be strong.

just when u get hurt so damn frequently.
that will just make u a strong person.

cry when u feel so.
cry out loud to make u feel better.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

i'll be fine.

yes. i'll be fine. if not now, maybe later.
maybe one fine day. i'll be fine.

keep calm, keep strong,
i know i'll be fine.

i know, i'll be fine.
yes. i will.

with Allah wills..
i'll be fine.


u make me think. a lot.
u make me think. about every single thing.
u make me think. hardly.
u make me think. for every single act.

u just make me think.

Monday, July 29, 2013


haiiii... long time no write meh. huu~ i dun know if i have my readers here. are there? huu.. if yes, thank you for visiting here. nothing special. i just sharing some of my thoughts, my life, my world, & some things. thank you again...

its ramadhan al-mubarak that we are in right now. the month full of barakah. alhamdulillah. we're in the 20th day. 10 more days for eidul fitri. the last 10 days of ramadhan. let us worship more. in shaa Allah. we do it together. ok?

time flies so damn fast. yeahh.. one of the signs. if u know. astaghfirullah. we sometimes forgot about it because we are too preoccupied with the world. kann? sometimes, we need to stay quiet, alone, and rethink about everything.

i am 24 years old. i cant believe it. really, i cant..! i thought i still a young little girl. huu~ wake up eqa. you're a big girl now. u have ur responsibilities. lots of it, to be precise.

as we grow older, things changed. relation, surrounding, behavior & lots of things. either we notice it or not. and we have to accept it and just go with the flow. redha is the best thing. qada' & qadar Allah. the fate. we have to accept it. Allah knows the best kan?

&&&.. there is no people that will stay the same for the rest of his/her life.

**may Allah accepts our worship. aminn

Thursday, July 18, 2013

a request

i love my families & we do love each other. i dun need people to take away our happiness just because of your selfishness & your ego.. so, in this holy month. i hope, i wish, i pray that u can change your attitude. if it wasn't for people, do it for the sake of your love towards Allah. & last but not least, care for the people around you, dun be too late for it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

holiday peeps..!

happy holiday to me...!! & my friends of course. huu~

2 months of holiday.. full ramadhan & full syawal with le famili.. :)

imma happy girl. hehehe..

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not feeling well

Im not feeling well. Both mentally n physically. These few days made my body aching n weaken. Plus the exam. Haihhh.. ned home. Need rest. Need vacation. REALLY NEED THEM...!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

hell-o june :)

hello june. yeahh.. a bit late. but, do i care..? hehe..

so, now im in the battle. battle of the semester. heh. final exam is here.. 2 papers down. 4 more to go. got to read lots & lots & lots of notes. coz my lecturer didn't gve any clues for her final. *serve me right*. da la x suka membaca. pastu kne baca sebeban notes. eh.. berbeban-beban. *ade ke perkataan tu?*. wtver..

a week in the battle. then i'll be free..

& sooooo.. pray for me & my fellow soldiers. huu~ in the battle kann..? i'll be busy. till then... assalamualaikum..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a reward to self

last saturday, i went to a dinner. MAKPA.. a college dinner.

and i was awarded with an award. alhamdulillah.. at least, i got something for myself. after being a hardworking students & daughter. i got something for myself. no.. its not the end yet. got a long journey to go. & i have to do many things in order to have another reward for myself & of course for my dearest parents.

mom & dad.. this is the least i can give you for the moment. wait for me till i end up this journey. i'll give u a lot more. insyaAllah.. doakan yang terbaik untuk anakmu.

last but not least. thanx mak & ayah for all the guidance, lessons & everything that both of u give to me since my existence in mom's tummy till now. thanks a lot.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my days

these few days, i wasn't living it to the fullest. till now.. too many things happened. my fault? hurmm. maybe.

aku kembali jatuh. ye.. jatuh tersungkur. sakit. luka dalam. parah. aku tersembam. sakit sangat.


i don't feel the same anymore. ya Allah. dugaan apekah ini?

sampai satu saat.. aku dah tak bermaya langsung. alangkah bgus kalau aku tak elak dari kne langgar haritu. alangkah bagus kalau aku statik je, tggu sampai kne langgar. alangkah bagus kalau kat ctu juga nafas terakhir aku..!!!

ye.. ni saat nya. saat aku dah tak bermaya nak bangun. saat aku jatuh, dan aku x mampu nak bangun sendiri. sekarang.. aku tak bermaya. aku tahu akan hukumnya meminta kematian. aku tahu hukumnya. tapi aku tak berdaya.

terima kasih Allah untuk hidup penuh warna warni. terima kasih untuk pelangi pelangi. terima kasih untuk segalanya. terima kasih untuk meminjamkan nyawa. terima kasih semua orang.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


alhamdulillah. lots of positive changes in me recently. Allah shows me the way. maybeee. or its me who want to change myself..

first of all, im no longer comfortable with short scarf, shawl. dunno why. back then, wearing those short scarves never made me feel uncomfortable. wearing anything was just ok for me. clothes too.. i used to wear something fit. but now, loose shirts are my favorite.

the changing.. i dun claim myself as a good muslimah. no.. i am not. but i am glad with this changing. i am not as good as the other muslimah out there. im not yet there. but im trying. not even trying, i am adapting it in my daily life.

secondly, i used to be a rebel daughter. rebelling bout this & that. nowadays, i am avoiding myself from rebelling. i wanna have a healthy relation with my parents :). yurpp.. healthy relation. i mean.. no more rebellious. help them whenever they need my help. be an understanding daughter whenever they disallow me to do something. do anything i can as long as they are still here.

i wish my iman is strong enough for me to keep on this track. i pray for it. u know what.. i was once thought of being a niqabi.. but.. maybe its too extreme for me. huu~ not that its not a good thing. but me, niqabi, not very suit me as i am not that good. i am way too long for the changes as i need to change the little thing in me first. like my attitude, behavior, thinking, social life. yeahh.. moha Allah permudahkan perjalanan saya. insyaAllah.

Friday, April 19, 2013

my siblings

there are only 3 siblings in my family. including me of course. Nur Hakim, Nur Hazirah & Nur Syafiqah. do u realize that both of them have the same initial? N. H. while mine is N. S.. huu.. that whats make me unique. weehuu~~ *saja sedapkan hati*.. hehehe..

my sister, she's married. my brother.. next year. insyaAllah.. me?? err.. err... wait till i get what i want. Doctorate for sure. i have target y'know?? that's too.. insyaAllah. if only i get flying colors with my result, then i'll go for ph.D.

i used to hate my sister. huhu.. because she's mean. yeahh.. mean. but that was back then. when the immature thinking of mine was conquering my brain. i used to have a distant between me & my brother.. dunno why.. maybe because of the age gap between us. 8 years.. but now.. alhamdulillah.. as time moving on. as I getting more matured, everything is ok. i love my sister & i love my brother. & now, the relation between me & my brother is getting better than before. alhamdulillah... again. thank you Allah..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

whats make yourself unique?

this title, actually, we were assigned by our utmost lecturer to have a kind of impromptu speech about ourselves. so, we need to deliver those speech for about 2-3 minutes. & this speech, there are few checklist to be done to make sure it is an effective speech. the mark is also quite high actually. *padahal cakap mende cenonet je pommm*. huhu

there are 3 points, first is about our background, second is about the uniqueness in us, last one is about why we chose our major. the 1st & 3rd part, for me, it still can be elaborated. but the 2nd part.. hurmm.. i have problem with it.


because i do not know whats make myself unique.. derrr.. who knows la der? for me.. people who knows and sees you that know whats the unique thing about u la.. takkan lah nak masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak??? so.. in that speech, i will just say that i do not know the thing that makes me unique. seriously.. how should i know about that.. arghhh..!

but, maybe i will just say that.. i am happy to be me, i am accepting myself as who i am, i am enjoying my life as who i am. & for that facts.. i know that i am unique. because my motto is, be yourself, because u r unique in your own way. *peace v^.^v*


***cannot sleep because i had two cups of coffee. sigh

Saturday, March 30, 2013

running away

running away or hiding?

you choose. 
& for what purpose? 
you think.
& why?
you figure it out.

psychologically.. you need to think deeply.
rationally.. you need to keep calm.
reality.. you have to give answer.

people have the ultimate brain to think, to rationalize, to make decision, to act, AND to do anything. yes.. the brain. 

think, think & think. 

hati terusik

entah.. kadang kadang madang je hati ni nak terusik.. tak tahu kenapa. mainan hati barangkali. bisikan kecil yang asyik bermain-main. entah. tak tahu..

sungguh.. kadang kadang tak tahu nak buat apa. menangis je yang mampu. tak tahu apa punca. yang tahu. hati tiba tiba terusik. sampai tak boleh menanggung. sampai mata bertakung penuh. sampai melimpah ruah mengalir kat pipi.

aduhai hatii.. janganlah macam ni. janganlah di buat perangai. janganlah..

Friday, March 29, 2013


pintaku hanya satu pada MU Ilahi..
aku memohon moga aku ditetapkan hati..
moga tiada rasa berbelah bagi..
moga tiada berkecil hati.

tetapkanlah hatiku ini..
agar tiada rasa curiga di hati..
agar tenang dalam lubuk sanubari..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..
bantulah aku,
lindungilah aku,
berilah aku petunjuk,
jauhilah aku dari bisikan syaitan yang durjana.

tetapkanlah hatiku wahai Ya Rahman Ya Rahim.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

& move on.

move on. move on. move on.

the same saying people will say every time something bad or sad or unfortunate happen to you. am i rite? yeahh.. it's good to encourage someone to keep move on. but, saying is too good, too easy than acting. kannn?

the thing is, u need to motivate urself. others may help u through advices, but if u don't do anything with urself, then the advices are all useless, meaningless.

the one that can change you, is YOU, YOURSELF.. not anyone else. anyone else is just the trigger. but u have to do it o ur own.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


to dearest copycat. can't u just be urself? y must u copy others? do u know that u r unique in ur own way & not by being fake? do u know that fact? Allah makes people with different attitude, behavior & etc so that this world is filled with unique people & it makes the world become colorful. if u r copying others, then the world will become dull.. hurmm..

be yourself. be proud with yourself. accept yourself, & then people will accept you. as simple as that. why must complicate things by copying others? u just make things become more complicated..

i am being me. i love myself. & i love for who i am. & i am being so damn grateful for being Nur Syafiqah itself.

Friday, March 8, 2013

title-less :)

hee~ it just that i have no idea about what shud i put for the title. title isn't necessary kan? what's important is the thing inside the post. hehe

so.. how are u dear readers? err.. *ade ke readers ni?* huhu..
time is moving so fast kannn? skejap je da nak masuk minggu ke 4 da ni. haihh laaa.. too many things to be done yet im not moving even a little pon. *the lazy nur syafiqah -.-" *

this semester seems a little bit hard for me as many of the subjects are kinda abstract. i mean, before ni punyer subject u can see some hierarchy of words. or some sound symbols. but this semester i am facing the things that are related with mental symbols, psychology & etc etc that u cannot even see the changes nor the table nor the figureeee.. arghhhh...

pape pon.. all the best eqa. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

love, my love

talking about love?? huu~

well actually.. i've been with him for about almost 4 years da. since 2009. lama da kan. so, basically.. we didn't know each other till the day we met at a camp. & me, myself never thought that i got someone to be my lover. then.. yeah.. was it a love at the first sight? hurmm.. ntahh.. rasa nya macam da bnyk kali da ade love at the first sight. hahaha... ngeng~!

the first time i saw him.. monologue dalaman..
"sombong".. yesss.. the 1st word that came out in my mind. well.. i was in charged for the registration. dgn my fren la kan.. at first, ade 3 org bdak dari uni yang sama ngan si dia ni datang dlu. me & Haniz,
"haniz, rasa2 bapa ek umo dorang?"
"da dua puluh lebih ni."
& the talking suddenly stop because we need to 'entertain' them. kitorang bg borang suruh isi smua. then si dia datang. & he was talking to someone. that time. when i saw him. err.. tal terkata. macam mulut kene seal. terpegunnn? nayyy.. ntah.. tataw why suddenly jadi macam tu. pdhal ade je mamat mamat hensem lain. tapi pandang dorang tak sama macam pandang si dia ni. miahaha.. *gatai nooo*. so.. dorang pon isi borang. & i tiba2 terus jadi pendiam. walhal, before he came dok rancak borak ngan 3 org budak tu sbb they were from MMU melaka. & melaka is my hometown yoooo. hehe.. 

then Haniz & i pon collect balik forms tu. tgk kat umur dorang..
"OMG... dorang lagi muda dari kiter". HAHAHAHA.. well.. don judge a book by its cover. kann??

during the camping.. to talk with him was a rare situation laaa.. there was a night. while i was doing some work, he & his friend were also there. we talked a bit. suddenly ade lipas... that was the BESTEST night ever for me. dier punyer terkinja kinja berlari selamatkan diri. perghhh.. macam menari hip hop la wa cakap lu. haha..

& i dun know why is that i was having a jealousy time with him during the camping. duhhh.. who am i for him? nothing kottt.. that was GILER actually. cemburu kat orang yg tade pape kat kiter. ITU MEMANG GILER. huhu.. ade lah malam tu. ktorang tidur lambat. then main game.. truth or dare. haha.. sengalll kot.

ade la skali tu.. while we were busy arranging the participants, stuffs & etc.. masa tu kne amek barang kat kantin. he asked me to follow him to the canteen to help him, but when we got there.. there was nothing pon actually. everything da settle.. so, he asked me to have a tea together. *curiosity was increasing*. hahaha.. & we had some talks.

& tiba lah masa untuk pulang. that night, my group sent them to the terminal. before they went into the bus, we got some dinner. there, we exchanged numbers.. & i didnt say a word pon. huu~ malu? cover? budget??? ntah. tgh tahan jeles je time tu. haha.. so.. after dinner.. before dorang nek bus, si dia ni tnya sapa leh tolong belikan dier t.up. & saya dgn baik hati nya menawarkan diri untuk menolong. huhu..

then.. lepas da hantar dorang balik. my group dok lepak kat pantai batu buruk. the best night for me too. & dunno how. we started to message. the message goes on & on until he didn't reply my msg. & i was assuming that fell asleep already. but the next day.. we texted again. & day after. & the day after. sampailah masing2 add up kat facebook. & a month later. tadaaaaaaa.. huu~

Friday, February 22, 2013

1st week of 3rd sem

on last Monday.. my class started at 8 a.m. so.. yeahh.. as a student i woke up early & get ready for class. went to the bus stop, waiting for the bus.. went into the bus. & then class. i waited for about half an hour & I blahh from the class. because the lecturer wasn't there. & today. it happened again. but today class was at 3 p.m.. same thing happen.

tensiiii.. ~.~"

overall, this semester classes, hurmm i can say .. ok lah kotttt.. some lecturers are okay & some are. hurm hurmm.. so-so. hopefully everything goes well for this semester.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

me is missing him

me is missing this guy so damn badlyyyy...!

been a month plus at melaka wasn't enough for me. as i wasn't able to meet him. i still can count on how many times we met during the holiday with my 10 fingers. huu~ only in the last week, i was able to meet him.. but.. err.. still not enough..!!

to this guy, please take a good care of yourself. dun just think about ur cats. think bout urself too. & please..!!! eat..!!! on time...!!! grr~! lebihkan tidur dari makan. campak kang.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

mommy makes me cry T.T

i text my mom. & then, after few messages, i said that i miss them, & i wanna go home.

mummy's reply : "hmm balik leeee... rumah sunyi je.. :'( "

mak. seriously? u make me cry a lot.. haihhh..

UPM. againnn

haii.. im here again. at UPM. the most boring place. huu~

being a month at home and it never enough. though some times at home feel so damn boring. but i would prefer home than here. haihh..

i wanna be with my mom & dad. wanna spend the day & night with them even though during the day they went to work. arghhh.. UPM.. can u move nearer to my house. so that i can go home straight away after class finish? hurmmm..

at home, in the evening i'll go to my aunties' houses. playing with those little kiddos. hurmm

damn.. cepat lah habis blaja..! setahun setengah lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. arghhhh..!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


i made this yesterday. but not really this one. i made the one with the chocolate. ouhh.. the eclairs. buttt.. i had little time yesterday bcos i got an evening out with my sister, her husband & my cousin.. so... its a little bit rushing for me. so, i made the puff. & the cream, i wasn't able to make it properly. last lastttt, the cream jadi gravy truihhh.. hehehehehe,,,

but the taste still marvelous.. ^_^. gonna make another cream puff but with the custard cream.. my all time favorite.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

as sobru minal iman

sabar itu separuh daripada iman..

makanya, bersabarlah anda dalam setiap perkara. dan orang yang sabar itu akan mendapat sesuatu yang diluar jangkaannya. insya Allah..

so.. nak dijadikan cerita, this was all about the waiting for the money. muahahaha.. its been quite a while i guess.. months already, after all the application & so on. & yes, alhamdulillah, i got the scholarship. then have to wait for the registration bagai. waiting for the money to be credited.. *THE MONEY okkk...?* huhu..

and have to be patient for the waiting. & alhamdulillah.. at last, the money is credited..! yeayyy..!

but..! there is a BUT.. i can't use the money to do this & that freely. i have to settle something first. settle what is important first. then, when i have extra.. only then i can use it for my ownnnnn... huu~

*** thank you Allah for all the sustenance in this world. thank you...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mummy is away

mummy is away for 3 days.
starting today till thursday,
she is away to Lumut, Perak.
for the sake of her work.
even though she is not healthy.
but she has too.

get well soon mummy. 
see you on thursday & we go for a walk on Friday. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

my name & its meaning


'nur' is a light
'syafiqah' means loving and caring..

weewhittt... what a name had been chosen by mummy & daddy..
so.. y am i talking about my name ek?
because, there are stories.

yes, i am a caring & loving person. *bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri ea* hehe
caring itself has many meanings. kann..?
so. i am the person who get touched easily when i see anyone who are too old or too poor or not capable of doing many things.
sometimes.. i cry when i see them. sometimes, i feel damn bad for not able to help them.
sometimes, im asking myself what am i supposed to do help them. but none.. hurmm.. that really make me feel bad..

there was once when i studied at Terengganu. there was an uncle. we were at bazar ramadhan. actually he is a guard at our uni. so, when i was waling & saw this uncle.. i feel sad. & straight away my father appeared in my mind. & err.. i feel like crying. but i hold myself, & u know when u are holding urself from crying u will feel some pain. yeahh.. i felt it that time. & i thought that time that uncle supposedly stay at home & iftar with his family.. haihhh...

& just now i saw an uncle. look old. he was alone. walking to the wedding ceremony. & hurmm.. dunno y i feel sorry for him. hurmm...

i am damn easy to get touched with something even if its in my family. or friends. or anon.

Friday, January 25, 2013

the holiday

im in my holiday. a month of holiday....
and i do not know what to do during this holiday..
ouhhh.. xcept baking & cooking.
& else, i do not knowwww..!

thinking of baking cake tomorrow.
cooking spaghetti..
and baked macaroni.
& yeahh.. i forgot one more thing to do during holiday..
let's get fat together. hehehe

Saturday, January 19, 2013

my hobby

this is my hobby.. drawing & painting & coloring & anything with art :)
this is me..
i would feel better whenever i hold a pencil and i have a paper.
a pencil & a paper for me to scratch anything..
& anything with nature is very pleasing ^_^
it's been a while i hadn't do this.
i mean the mural thingy. it stops since ages ago. huu~
but i will be very pleased to this again & again.

Friday, January 18, 2013

way we spent our last weekend

& this was the way we spent our last holiday actually. before everyone was going to have a hectic life :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


yezzaaa.. my obsession.. with the S attach to the word. huu..
my obsessions are maxi dress, shoes, specs, err and many more. huu~

maxi dress because, its easy for me. a one piece dress. sarung baju, siap siap. terus kuar. huu~
tayah nak dok pk pakai sluar ni ngan baju sesuai ke tidak. ok.tukar. eh. tanak la. eh eh ehh..

shoes... :)
urghhh.. cant stop my eyes over the shoes. not pump shoes. just wedges, some boots, some sneakers, some flat. made my day.

specs.. because i love the different look. catchy, elegant & so on. just me. love fashion. but sometimes, fashion failed. muahahaha...

maybe this is the norm of a woman. its their nature. but im not like some people who are too obsessed till they spend lots of money on their stuffs. na'ahhh.. not me. hurmmm.. i will find something i love with the lowest price. hehehe.. kedekut..?? nay, berjimat cermat aje.. ^__^

Sunday, January 13, 2013


really..? freedom oredi heh??
huhu~ as for me. yes, im free from any examssss..
& im done for my 3rd semester :).
which mean another 4 semesters to go.

anddddddd.. not really freeeeeee..
because, the results..
huu~ its gonna make me damn nervous..
scared.. anxious.. and all the words that similar.

wish me all the best.
& all the best to all my friends too.
see ya in the next semester..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shawl tutorial...

meh kiter tgk tutorial untuk Square Shawl.
tudung bawal pon boleh aje..
tp make sure pakai inner neck la yer utk tudung bawal :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

in the mood :)

i am in the mood to update my bloggggg.. hehehe..

these are pictures during abang's e-day at Johor.. :)

i just dun get it, not the life i've been living

some things are really make me thinking & thinking repeatedly day & night without stop.
some things, when i looked at them, i just don't get it.
the WHY, WHO & WHAT, & some other types of questions are somehow keep on appearing in my head.
why there are such thing? what's wrong with that? who did that? why did that? should u be doing that? & etc...

the more i think, the more headache & heartache that i get.
so in the end.
i make my own conclusion..
that is... it's not the life that i've been living through out my life.
yessss.. we are different, we live in a different world. *not that im in earth, & u r i mars* no no no...
it just, u have ur very own world that u have all this while.
& i have mine.
u live a world where everything seems ok to u, but not to me.
& vice versa.
so there u can see how different are we..

thus, we are different.
but, if the different is good or bad,
depends on us, & surrounding

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

this is me

this is me. this is my life. if u cant handle it, just say it. & make ur move.
its ok if u cant accept it.
wont hurt me neither kill me.
seriously, i am saying what i feel, what i want, & what i need.
should u questioned it?
should u make fun of it?
should u learn it?
should u take note from it?
should  u.... anything. anything. because that's ur choice. not mine.

am i hurt? disappointed? sad?
what am i? a rock? a wood? a steel?
an object?
yeah. i know. u r neither them too.
i know. so..
i think u should know what are my feelings.
i think. at least, that's what i thought.

people are always thought that they know everything.

but sometimes, they don't.
*including me*
people are always thought that their thinking is always right.
nevertheless, they don't.

this is me. this is my world.
this is my life. get the hell out of my life if u dun like it.