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Saturday, January 26, 2013

my name & its meaning


'nur' is a light
'syafiqah' means loving and caring..

weewhittt... what a name had been chosen by mummy & daddy..
so.. y am i talking about my name ek?
because, there are stories.

yes, i am a caring & loving person. *bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri ea* hehe
caring itself has many meanings. kann..?
so. i am the person who get touched easily when i see anyone who are too old or too poor or not capable of doing many things.
sometimes.. i cry when i see them. sometimes, i feel damn bad for not able to help them.
sometimes, im asking myself what am i supposed to do help them. but none.. hurmm.. that really make me feel bad..

there was once when i studied at Terengganu. there was an uncle. we were at bazar ramadhan. actually he is a guard at our uni. so, when i was waling & saw this uncle.. i feel sad. & straight away my father appeared in my mind. & err.. i feel like crying. but i hold myself, & u know when u are holding urself from crying u will feel some pain. yeahh.. i felt it that time. & i thought that time that uncle supposedly stay at home & iftar with his family.. haihhh...

& just now i saw an uncle. look old. he was alone. walking to the wedding ceremony. & hurmm.. dunno y i feel sorry for him. hurmm...

i am damn easy to get touched with something even if its in my family. or friends. or anon.

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