♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: April 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013


alhamdulillah. lots of positive changes in me recently. Allah shows me the way. maybeee. or its me who want to change myself..

first of all, im no longer comfortable with short scarf, shawl. dunno why. back then, wearing those short scarves never made me feel uncomfortable. wearing anything was just ok for me. clothes too.. i used to wear something fit. but now, loose shirts are my favorite.

the changing.. i dun claim myself as a good muslimah. no.. i am not. but i am glad with this changing. i am not as good as the other muslimah out there. im not yet there. but im trying. not even trying, i am adapting it in my daily life.

secondly, i used to be a rebel daughter. rebelling bout this & that. nowadays, i am avoiding myself from rebelling. i wanna have a healthy relation with my parents :). yurpp.. healthy relation. i mean.. no more rebellious. help them whenever they need my help. be an understanding daughter whenever they disallow me to do something. do anything i can as long as they are still here.

i wish my iman is strong enough for me to keep on this track. i pray for it. u know what.. i was once thought of being a niqabi.. but.. maybe its too extreme for me. huu~ not that its not a good thing. but me, niqabi, not very suit me as i am not that good. i am way too long for the changes as i need to change the little thing in me first. like my attitude, behavior, thinking, social life. yeahh.. moha Allah permudahkan perjalanan saya. insyaAllah.

Friday, April 19, 2013

my siblings

there are only 3 siblings in my family. including me of course. Nur Hakim, Nur Hazirah & Nur Syafiqah. do u realize that both of them have the same initial? N. H. while mine is N. S.. huu.. that whats make me unique. weehuu~~ *saja sedapkan hati*.. hehehe..

my sister, she's married. my brother.. next year. insyaAllah.. me?? err.. err... wait till i get what i want. Doctorate for sure. i have target y'know?? that's too.. insyaAllah. if only i get flying colors with my result, then i'll go for ph.D.

i used to hate my sister. huhu.. because she's mean. yeahh.. mean. but that was back then. when the immature thinking of mine was conquering my brain. i used to have a distant between me & my brother.. dunno why.. maybe because of the age gap between us. 8 years.. but now.. alhamdulillah.. as time moving on. as I getting more matured, everything is ok. i love my sister & i love my brother. & now, the relation between me & my brother is getting better than before. alhamdulillah... again. thank you Allah..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

whats make yourself unique?

this title, actually, we were assigned by our utmost lecturer to have a kind of impromptu speech about ourselves. so, we need to deliver those speech for about 2-3 minutes. & this speech, there are few checklist to be done to make sure it is an effective speech. the mark is also quite high actually. *padahal cakap mende cenonet je pommm*. huhu

there are 3 points, first is about our background, second is about the uniqueness in us, last one is about why we chose our major. the 1st & 3rd part, for me, it still can be elaborated. but the 2nd part.. hurmm.. i have problem with it.


because i do not know whats make myself unique.. derrr.. who knows la der? for me.. people who knows and sees you that know whats the unique thing about u la.. takkan lah nak masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak??? so.. in that speech, i will just say that i do not know the thing that makes me unique. seriously.. how should i know about that.. arghhh..!

but, maybe i will just say that.. i am happy to be me, i am accepting myself as who i am, i am enjoying my life as who i am. & for that facts.. i know that i am unique. because my motto is, be yourself, because u r unique in your own way. *peace v^.^v*


***cannot sleep because i had two cups of coffee. sigh