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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

when i have

when i have my own money,
i'll make sure i buy everything that i want.
i won't ask for anyone money anymore.
i'll make sure i own my thing with my own money.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

23/12/2012, 0302 am

hello guys. its been ages & i hadn't write anything in here. hurmm.. many things happened. sometimes i did feel like i wanna update something in here. but, im just a lazy girl. huu~

no laa. i was so damn busy.. till the last week in the semester. still got assignment, & oral test, & presentation, & etc. it just, the burden for me is getting a little bit tougher than before 'cause im a scholar now. so.. the responsibilities are tougher or toughest. huu~

this semester, its kinda hard. some is okay, but.. ntah. dunno how to describe. hopefully everything gonna be just ok for me. aminnn

& life.... a hectic life maybe. as i kept moving here & there to sttle up many things. & this semester, only at the end of it i can went out. seeeee.. how tough is my life now. huu~

gambar tade kne mengena ngan post. ^_^
as i move on with this life. i know that not everything will be like what i want or like what i plan. there is something for me. insyaAllah. and no matter how hard the life will be, i'll try the very best of me to get over it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the 3rd

the 3rd anniversary.
happy anniversary to you & me.

it's not like usual.
not like the past year or the past two years.
today, it's totally different.
thank you.
for everything.

*hilangmu tiada ganti

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i need

need my family badly.
need to be surrounded by them.
need them to make me forget all the shits happening to me.

ya Allah, make me calm, make my heart at peace.
all i need is being me again.


tomorrow is the day.
maybe this is just the end?
maybe it's the starting of the new chapter?
do not know what it is.
but im hoping for a good one.
may Allah shows me the  way.

Friday, November 9, 2012

a post without title

yer. a post without title. sbb aku tak tahu nak letak tajuk ape. tak tahu ape bnda yang sesuai nak letak as headline. so, i'll just put that headline.

sekarang.. apa yang aku mampu simpulkan. sekali datang benda baik dalam hidup, akan ada satu benda baik yang akan ditarik balik. antara sedar dan tak sedar. bnda yang datang, bnda yang pergi bukan dalam satu bentuk yang sama. mungkin sama, dan mungkin tidak.

kau sedar atau tak. kau takkan dapat semua benda baik sekaligus. kau pasti akan rasa satu kehilangan. itu hidup. kalau kau nak rasa benda baik je sepanjang masa, biler masa kau nak rasa pahitnya kehidupan? pahit itu kau buat teladan. manis itu kau buat kenangan.

aku dalam satu kondisi yang tak berapa nak stabil. aku mungkin elok dalam pembelajaran aku, tapi aku tak elok dalam kehidupan seharian aku. dan vice versa. aku tak tahu nak seimbangkan macam mana. tapi aku mencuba. buat masa ni, fokus aku untuk belajar. fokus aku nak berjaya. benda lain, aku malas nak pikir.

benda lain, aku serahkan pada takdir. kalau Allah berkehendak untuk aku yang begini, maka beginilah aku, dan kalau Allah berkehendak untuk yang begitu, maka begitulah aku. aku berdoa, itu yang terdaya. aku usaha, itu yang terdaya. yang lain, tawakkaltua'lallah. ya, itu yang aku mampu katakan. aku mampu merancang, tapi Allah Maha Mengetahui.

puas dah aku alirkan airmata. puas dah aku menangisi. tapi itu semua sia-sia. ya, sia-sia. lantaklah apa nak jadi. aku hidup bukan untuk puaskan hati manusia lain, dan aku takkan pernah memuaskan hati semua orang. biarlah, satu hari nanti aku pasti akan melarikan diri ke satu tempat. biar aku jauh, biar aku sendiri. itu pasti. aku nekad.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

the life i'm living in

alhamdulillah for the life that i am having right now. alhamdulillah, because my life been a lot easier than before. alhamdulillah, since i am putting myself more close to Allah, i've been receiving many good things in life... alhamdulillah :)

so, the life i am having today is really amazing & blissful. these days that i had, even though there were some storm, but yes, i had successfully overcome them one by one. :)

 the life that Allah gives me, i will use it wisely.

i have so many good things with me right now. & also so many good people around me. thank you Allah.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

good to better?

from a good person to a better one. yes indeed, that's what we need. kannn..?

there's no harm in changing urself to a better one.

let's try together. today we are a good muslimah, & insyaAllah, tomorrow we are a better muslimah. aminnn..

Thursday, October 18, 2012


alhamdulillah di atas rezeki yang tak di sangka.

thank you Allah for fulfilling my prayers. thank you. syukran ya Allah..

& yes, i got the scholarship. alhamdulillah. serious, tak sangka langsung. i never thought that i was able to get the scholarship eventhough my result is ok, but ya la.. they are so many other people out there yang layak.. & this is a tough competition. & at last. Allah answered my prayer.

this evening, i was sleeping. & i opened my laptop as soon as i woke up. i browsed for the web, & it was somehow, easily to get there. huu~ then i key in everything. & i was... arghh... i got it...!!! huhu...

so, got to study extra hardworking. :)

and once again. thank you Allah. & thanks too to my parents for their prayers.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i feel like. hurmm.. wanna be alone. hide myself from the world.

just today i dun feel like always. many things are in my head. i keep on thinking till now. today is a gloomy day for me.

i wish sumone could possibly help me to change my mood & my day. im wishing.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

pity him.

see.. look at those toes.. da terbelahh.. adoii la sayang saya ni..
kesian awakk..

pleaseeee.. jaga diri baek2 sayang...

Thursday, October 4, 2012


tade selera. dan akhirnya. makanan tu membazir macam tu je.

i wasn't supposed to be like now. tapi kadang2, bler da sampai satu tahap.. hurmm.. i can't handle it anymore.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

few things :)

1st.. im in love. yes.. i am in love. huu~ who else kalo bukan si dier my Mista Bunchet :) 

in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love..

2nd.. tataw knpa, these few days, there were few conversation between me & my mom about engagement, wedding. back then when i brought up things like that to her she will said "tapayah nak gatal sangat. abiskan belajar tu dulu" huhu. yeahh.. she said that to me. & i will just senyum-macam-kerang-busuk... huhu.. so.. dunno why.. suddenly, it becomes.. hurmm ntah.. no more those kind of words. she will layan me & said something like..
"a'ah. baju ni cantik" & she put the dress on me. and ask the salesgirl bout the price. ok.. that dress is a jubah-dress which is damn be-you-tifulllll... before she did that, i told her that the dress is beautiful & it is something to be wore for engagement. she said nothing. & layan eqa like im going to have my engagement ceremony in few months from now. hahaha..

then we attend a wedding ceremony. so, i told her that the pelamin is simple but nice. but the color is not so suitable because the background is white. then the border & frames are white. then  told her that im going to have the same pelamin with some alteration here & there. & then she said that the pelamin is not ok. & she's going to have something else for me. errrrrr.. speechless. hahaha

my dad.. suddenly asked me, "adek, bler afiq abis blaja?".. he will never ask anything without reasons actually. i didn't ask him more, but i guess i know why. huu~

semoga jodoh ini berkekalan, semoga cepat kami disatukan.  aminnn :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

miss me?

hahaha.. what a title huh?

so.. its really been a while. i also forgot when was the last time i updated my precious blog. huhu.. sorry dear blog, i've been lazying around lately. sorry for forgetting u. but u know i will find u back. ^__^

so... what's up..? mine is just ok. yeah.. alhamdulillah. my days were very pleasing & nice & beautiful. thank you Allah for ur blessing. but since yesterday, i am having sore eyes. & i got 2 days of mc. today & tommorow. but i guess, i should go for tomorrow class b'coz i feel wrong for not attending today classes eventhough i have an excuse. huhu.. i am a good student. yes, i know that. haha

Thursday, September 13, 2012

turban fever :)

i look different here. not like me at all. huhu

jom beli lens :)

sape2 yang nak beli lens. sila lah contact saya di facebook ye :)

harga sepasang lens ialah RM 25 termasuk postage.. here is the link..


hebahkan lah kepada kawan kawan jiran tetangga sedara mara dan sapa2 shja. hee

Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday 08092012

this date, this day.... was a happy day for me as i haven't went out with my mR. Bunchet for many daysssss.. we've been meeting few times few weeks back, but that was just a meeting. i brought him home to be with my families, then i sent him home. huu~

but this date.. we had the opportunity to be together, hung out together, walk together, shopping together, & be happy together of course. derrr.. just one day before i left my home sweet home for a battle. the-battle-of-life. hehe..

the short time we had, err.. as for me... it was damn worth it. but for him, i think it was quite bored. hah laaaa.. da nama pon perempuan... da tentu lah sangat lama nak menilik baju from shop to shop. kannn..? hehe.. sorry dear mR. Bunchet... it is in my blood that kind of attitude... choosy but worth it. :)

thanx for today sayang. thanx for every seconds u spent for me, thanx for every penny, thanx for the awesome day i had. ^_^

awak.. i had fun today. lotsa fun. thanx a lot awak....!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my raya 2012

lets pictures do the talking :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



wait for the story yaww.. 

H A L L O..!!!

hai dear friends.. selamat hari raya aidil fitri. hee~ seminggu sakan beraya, dan seminggu tu jugak lah tade berita kat cni. kannn..?

so... this year punyer raya... was hurmmm.. ok la.. da besar kan. kalo dulu kecik2 excited gler nak raya ni. excited nak pkai baju raya konon nye. hahaha... kecik2 la. skarang tak. skarang raya tu, nak berkumpul dengan family & jumpa sanak saudara yang jauh je. tu tujuan raya yang sebenar benarnye kan..

1st raya tahun ni tak ramai sangat orang sbb ramai yang balik kpg yg sebelah lagi. jiran sebelah pon tade rumah. tapi as usual rumah eqa ni mmg tumpuan pagi2 raya. before g smayang raya & after smayang raya. dorang akan dok umah eqa. makan2.. borak2.. amek gmbo.. & laen2 hal lagi. tgh hari sikit tu... g jalan raya kat umah sdare mara yang laen pulak. malam... dok umah & layan tetamu yg datang nak beraya.

2nd raya.. awalnye tade plan ape pon. tiba2, tgh dok lena tdo.. abang kejut.. dier suruh bangun & bersiap. nak g ke Batu Pahat kata nye. so, eqa pon bgn & bersiap. tapi macam pelik la plak. mak ayah cakap nak g Batu Pahat tunggu kakak balik dlu. so, trun bawah & tnya mak . mak cakap nnti kakak balik, pergi lagi skali. huu~ so.. gerak lah kami ni ke Batu PPahat & beraya kat umah PakLong pulang.

3rd raya. kakak da sampai mlka. awal pagi tu. hari ni. plan untuk balik kampung. ehhh.. balik bandar. huhu.. kat Kuala Lumpur. pagi tu.. ade org datang umah. melayan tetamu dulu. then bersiap2 untuk gerak ke kL plak. tgh hari macam tu baru gerak.

errrrrr... takpelah.. nnti untuk 4th raya & seterusnya. akan disambung kemudian. mengantuk sudah. hehe.. nite

Thursday, August 16, 2012



di kesempatan yang ada ni.. saya Nur Syafiqah Mohd Roslan menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dan maaf andai ada
  • tersalah bahasa,
  • tersilap bicara,
  • terguris hati,
  • tersakit hati,
  • terluka sana sini 
sama ada secara sengaja mahupun tidak sengaja.
lepas2 ni da busy buat preparation untuk raya.
hee~ minta maaf ye mak2 & ayah2 sdara, spupu spapat, tenaga2 pendidik saya, kawan2. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the coming RAYA

raya 2012... hurmm.. few days left. & i don't really have the mood for raya. or is it because the age of mine right now make me feel that way..? hurmmm.. *thinking & wondering* .. seriously... i don't know, maybe the mood still wandering somewhere, & waiting for the perfect time to come to me. huhu~

but, the thing is... i really can't wait for raya. WHY ea...? because all the families will gather together :). ouhh ya... except for one person. my sister... as i told u before here in my blog. she'll be in Terengganu.

raya.. hurmmm.. i haven't do anything. baju raya ada da.. house is still.. hurmmm.. tongkang pecah? huhu.. yeahhh... still like that. abang tak balik for 2 weeks. his work, as usual every year before raya, clean the windows, the fans & lamps.. & ok. we'll wait till this coming friday. when he get home, i'll give him rags & a pail of water. huu~

my mom & I still have 3 types of cookies that we haven't done yet. so.. this wednesday, will burn the midnight oil to make those cookies. & only the two of us.

AND... Gray is our color theme for this coming raya :)...

dear Mr. Moods & Mr. Feels... please come to me when u're ready. ouhh.. JANGAN..! come to me when i ready. hee~

**mak.. plz dun cry because kakak can't celebrate raya with us. i know u were sad yesterday, because of the raya songs that they played in the hotel. & the others were teasing u and kakak of course. i know it, i saw it. i saw ur tears... mak, dun be sad, dun cry. hurmm.. she'll celebrate raya with us soon. ok? & macam mane orang nak kawen kalau macam ni. huu~ mesti mak ayah lagi sedih kan? huhu.. I LOVE U BOTH MAK AYAH..!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

suka dan duka hari ini..

ok ok.. first.. i'll tell about my happy story. ok dear...? huhu..

tadi keluar :). g beli barang2 nak buat kuih rayer 'konon'nye. hehehe.. so.. dalam kereta on the way nak ke destinasi tu.. tiba2 je mak hulur duit..
"nah, amek ni"
"eh.. duit ape ni mak?"
"nak ke tanak? tanak mak amek balik"
"ehh.. nak laaa..!"

huhuhu... dapat duit rayer daripada mak..!! alangkah gumbiranya rasa hati. tidak terkira-kira. hehe.. terima kasih mak.. ^_^

ok. now.. the sad part of today. tadi.. masa stop kat satu tempat ni. mak kuar jap. eqa ngan ayah dalam kereta. pastu.. ade lah sorang pakcik guard ni.. tua da dier...
"nnti ayah da pencen, da tua. ayah jd mcm dia la ni. mak duduk kat bilik dalam tu"
"eh.. ayah ni.. boleh plak macam tu"
"yerla. adek x balik. kakak abang tak balik"
dalam hati bermonolog sendiri. "ayah ni.. boleh plak pk macam tu.." mmg sedih jugak lah time tu..

terus teringt drama2 kat tv tu. yg anak2 x balik jenguk mak ayah kat kampung. adoiii.. berlinang jugak air mata dalam kereta tadi. nasib la ayah tak nampak. cepat2 cover balik. hurmmm...

so.... moral of the story.. jgn lah dilupakan mak ayah even kiter da senang pon. masa kiter lahir sampai saat kiter da senang tu. ingtlah... banyak da mak ayah berkorban untuk kiter. doakanlah untuk kesenangan mak ayah kiter plak. & sentiasa ingat mak ayah tu. tak kira kat mane2 pon. ok?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


yeayy.. got my parcel from them. just love the penny dress. wee~ gonna shop again later at them.

how old am i..?

haaaa... wait. i admit. im 20++. hee~ but most of the times, when i met my mom's or dad's friends. they always thought that i still a student in secondary school. they often ask me "sekolah tingkatan berapa ni?". ouchhh... terharu i u'ollls. haha..

when i said im no longer a secondary students.. sometimes, ade yg terkejut tak percaya dgn kenyataan eqa. huhu~ nak buat macam mane.. saya da tua makcik & pakcik. muka je babyface. hehehehe..

so.. that's the story bout people who thought that i still young..

& there was a time during my childhood.. people mistakenly thought that i am a Chinese little girl yg kiut miut gittewww. haha.. there was a time when i was with my dad at a shopping complex, then a Chinese woman, who is a saleswoman, came to us & had a conversation in Chinese language. huhu... ayah trus termangu2 & said that we are not Chinese. & that woman said sorry to us. she said that she really thought that we were Chinese, because my dad himself looks like Chinese even until now people mistakenly assume that he is a Chinese. & that lady also said that i really look like a Chinese kid. weehuuu.. maybe that time, i kinda fairer than now. & yeahhh... with a fair skin, wearing gown... i did look like a Chinese girl. tak cayer, come here, i'll show u my picture when i was a kid. hehehehehe... not like now... kulit da tak fair sudah. sawo matang jadi nyer. mmg pure Malay skin color. huu~

here.. just a picture.. i took it last 2 days. when i see this picture... saya rasa saya mixed. hahahaha.. Jawa+Boyan. yeahhh... that's me. huhu

sepet la aiiii budak nihh.. biler senyum or ketawa terus tak nampak mata. huhu..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


mengalir lagi air mata

hurmmm.. :)

mengalir lagi air mata jernih di pipi. untuk ke berapa kali ntah. mohon hati sentiasa tabah. mohon hati sentiasa kuat. mohon diri mampu bertahan.

Ya Allah.. andai telah tertulis sudah begini harus aku lalui liku liku hidup. aku redha Ya Allah. ini ujian Mu. aku mohon Ya Allah.. kuatkanlah hatiku, tabahkan lah aku. aku mohon Ya Allah.. gantikanlah air mata yg mengalir ini dengan sesuatu yg indah buatku. aku pohon Ya Allah. bantulah aku untuk menghadapi segalanya di atas muka bumi ini. bantulah aku. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim... berikanlah hambaMu ini petunjuk. jalan mana harus ku pilih, jalan mana harus aku tinggalkan. bantulah aku Ya Allah. aminnn...

aku yang bilamana melemparkan senyuman, dalam hatiku penuh duka. aku yang bilamana tertawa riang, hatiku berlagu pilu...

saat dan tika tertaipnya post ini, air mata menjadi peneman sejati. moga pagi nnti, ada sinar yg menanti.. sungguh... perlukan sesuatu. bantu aku Ya Rabbi.

*hati terasa pedih. terasa pilu tiap kali melihatnya.

Monday, August 6, 2012

it's me..!

well.. whenever i look at this picture.. i just feel that i have a sharp chin. muahahahaha...

the picture is quite shack-y due to.. ermmm.. my handdddd.. huhuhu... & the big nose.. & the 'sepet' eyes... i know, they make me beautiful somehow. hee~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

another loss for him..

yesterday, 4th August.. around 2 pm. his grandpa had passed away. another loss for him after a year his grandma passed away.. hurmmm..

daripada NYA kita datang dan kepada NYA juga kita pergi.
yang hidup pasti akan mati.. yang kita ni.. tataw biler lagi.

awak.. sesungguhNya.. Allah lebih mengasihi arwah. perginya arwah pon dgn baik. kannn? alhamdulillah.. semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yg beriman dan semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. aminnn..

awak.. im sorry for not being there for you. im sorry for not comforting u like i did dlu. im sorry... just so u know, i do feel sad & guilty. hurmm. sorry again

Thursday, August 2, 2012

saya giler

yeayy. saya giler. hahaha... damn..! do not know what had happened to me.. nak kata setan dok menghasut. mmg tak la. depa da kne ikat bulan2 puasa ni.. so.. ini mmg dari hati sendiri.. duhh~!

insane enough to post out few things yg boleh buat org terasa. hurmmm.. seriously.. kdg2.. nak tuju kat org lain. org lain yg terasa. salah kiter jugak ke..?? hehehehehehehe...

biar lahhh.. bye

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

he is MINE

im sorry. he's mine. hee~ ^_^

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ayah Bercakap....

huu... actually macam niii.. last nite i washed the car.. & i guess. its been ages kot i did that.. i used to wash the car together with my dad & it was,.... hurmmm.. many many years ago.. ahaxxx...

so.... tadi while berbuka.. ayah cakap macam niii..
"adek basuh kereta punyer pasal malam tadi, pg ni terus hujan"..

hahahahaha.. well... my dad was surprised last nite because of me did the washing, & so do the weather. hahaha..

contact lenses for RM15/each

anda berminat dgn lens lens ini..?? mari singgah DI SINI untuk melihat lens yang laen dan buat order... jgn malu jgn segan. huhu.. mari datang tgk ye... cepat cepat. RM15 adelah promosi untuk raya sahaja. lepas raya dah harga lain..

Monday, July 30, 2012

the smile

**waiitttt..!! u dun have to wait for this picture to finish loading.. coz the picture itself does look like that. huu..

as what i remembered, as what i've been taught, as what in Islam itself.. smile is sadaqah.. kannn..? so.. do not ruin your pretty face without a smile on it. keep on smiling no matter what or where or how. just keep on smiling dear people.

a smile will make ur pretty face even prettier & beautiful.
a smile will make others feel glad & happy to see u.
a smile will make ur misery heart becomes well again.
a smile will give u thousands of deeds.

ladies & gentlemen... do not forget to give ur smile to others.

i have nothing to say

these few days.. i will say "OK". huu~ ntah.. dunno how i feel. but to be around with families.. its a bless. my big brother & sister, they were home during last weekend. & abg brought his soon-to-be-wife along with him. & sister, her husband of course. & it was somehow, a big family suddenly. huhu..

actually. the post's title said that i have nothing to say. but.. actually.. i am saying something right here, right now. kannn...?? huhu... well.. i was & i still thinking bout this particular thing right now. it's about this year raya celebration. my sister, she's not celebrating it with us this year. she'll be going to Terengganu & celebrating the raya at there. ya laaa.. orang dah ade suami. huhu.. & i was thinking... how it will be for me for this Raya celebration. because usually, every night before Raya, me & my sister will help my mom to cook rendang & prepare all the other things. because there are only 2 daughters in the family.. so.. we'll do almost everything to help our mother. & me.... around 2-3 am.. i'll be in the room & iron their clothes. & this raya... i guess.. i'll be alone. hurmmm........................................

so.. here is my NOTHING TO SAY post. huhu...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

si hati batu

si gadis berhati batu, kerasnye yang amat.
tapi keras macam mane pon batu tu, air mampu melekukkan batu tersebut. kan?

so.. keras macam mane pon hati perempuan. pasti ada cara untuk lembutkan. salah caranya, makin keras lah. betul caranya, insyaAllah, lembutlah jadinya. kan?

dah nama pon saya perempuan. hati perempuan kan halus. tade mkna nye la saya ni keras hati sgt. perempuan itu dijadikan dgn adanya sifat kasih sayang, hati yg halus & lembut, sensitif pun iya. hurmm..

kadang2, ada bnda yg perempuan x boleh terima.
kadang2, ada bnda yg perempuan harapkan.
kadang2, ada bnda yg perempuan pendamkan.
perempuan tu menangis dalam tawa, senyum dalam duka..
sbb perempuan itu tahu, meskipun hatinya meronta2 kesakitan, hatinya menangis tersedu-sedan,
dia tahu, dia kena jadi hipokrit. hipokrit yang membantu dia menjadi seorang perempuan yg kuat, yg tabah hatinya.
dia tekad untuk jadi seorang hipokrit.
meski dia tahu, jauh di dalam lubuk hatinya. dia tidak mampu. tapi dipaksakan juga dirinya.

keras sgtkah hati seorang perempuan... nilaikanlah sendiri

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

silap dan salah

mana silapnya?
mana salahnya?
entah aku sendiri tak tahu.

niat di hati lain, tapi yg jadinya lain.

aku sedar salah & silapku
lantas ku hulurkan kata maaf
kata maaf itu
untuk segala khilaf
dan aku
acapkali mulut ku
acapkali tutur ku
acapkali kata ku
aku hulurkan kata maaf.
dan maafku itu
terus tercampak jauh.

tak apa.
salahku, silapku
biar aku tanggung sendiri.
tak apa.
salahku, silapku
aku terima apa adanya
biar aku rasa sendiri.

shawl tuto : style Ur Bawal Scarf

Selamat Mencuba ;)

ramadhan ke 5 ;)

alhamdulillah. selesai bersahur untuk ramadhan ke5... alhamdulillah jugak untuk rezeki yang Allah kurniakan kpda kami sekeluarga. dan alhamdulillah kerana masih bernafas di bumi Allah ini.

hah.. sebenar nye nak cakap macam ni. hari ni ramadhan ke5. tp rasa macam da seminggu. he he he... & sahur ramadhan ke 5 la ayah paksa suruh amek supplement balik. masuk2 je dari wet kitchen, ayah terus acukan pill. dushhh.. trus buat suara dan berkata la saya kepada ayah "alaaa..". mak yg ade kat situ terus berdehem. nak x nak. diambil juga pill. dimasukkan juga ke dalam mulut depan ayah. huu~! lepas ni nak elakkan diri daripada ayah. pas sahur terus naek bilik. hehehe

ok ok. selamat menunaikan rukun Islam yang ke 3.. puasa puasa jugak. amalan wajib lain jgn lupa buat. semoga kita bersama2 mendapat barakah sempena ramadhan yg mulia ini. aminnn

Sunday, July 22, 2012

contact lens for sale. ;)

yes yes yesssss..
im selling contact lens for the time being. preparing myself to be a businesswoman. ehehehe..
so fellow friend. i sell the lenses for RM15 each. not included postage yerrr.. if u are interested in buying contact lens. you can msg me at my facebook.

so... here is the link for you to check out the lenses that available.
contact lenses

sila beli.. sila bantu saya berniaga. hee~! byeeee

Friday, July 20, 2012

shawl tuto : turban style

ello eberibadi.. :)

so, im going to share with u a simple easy turban style by using square shawl. & in here, i was using bawal. ouhh.. not to forget. please wear your inner neck. OR u can replace it with outer syria scarf. your choice dear ;)

& & &.. it going to look like this...

just few words..

in this life, many things can happen either something expected or unexpected.. each person faced different things in their life. maybe some had something similar but in different ways, or situation. kann..?

so... now you should know, & you must know that no matter how bad you are in, there are people out there who are having the same thing as you & sometimes even worse. you should calm yourself and back to Allah again.

people come and people go in our life. its ok... people are not the matters. even though you need someone for you to pour out everything in your heart, but remember & always remember.. Allah is the one that you should look for. when you  are away from Allah, your life will be not tranquil. go & seek for Allah. insyaAllah... by Allah wills, you will have a tranquility life.

sakit mata laaaa..

sakit mata sbb ape ye..? tak tak.. bukan sbb sakit mata yg ktorang dok amek air mata org yg sakit mata, then berjangkit, then dapat balik umah, then cuti berhari2. hee~ tak tak.. itu zaman kanak-kanak ribena. tagihkan kasih sayang mak ayah kat umah. dok ostel x balik balik. rindu masakan emak. rindu bergurau dgn ayah punyer pasal. he he he.. makanyer, terjadilah sakit mata berjangkit jangkit yg sengaja diada2kan. ouhh.. klo ade yg berasa kurang selamat dgn perpindahan virus air mata ke mata.. ade yg menggunakan ubat gigi lalu dimasukkan sedikit ke dalam mata yg comel bercahaya gittewww.. saya rindu zaman sekolah..

ehhhh.. jap.. salah cerita ni. hehe~! nak cerita sakit mata sebab.. hurmmm... sebab... bler blogwalking.. ade blog best.. dan baca baca bacaaaaa... lama2 mata berpinar-pinar. SEBAB NYER..... jeng jeng jenggggg.... background blog hitam, tulisan putih. xpon ape2 warna yang seakan2 putih. adoiyai nye la ponnnn... da la mata ceq sedia ada rabun nya, bler baca dalam kedaan yg sedemikian.... rasa macam makin rabun pulak mata ni. siap berpinar-pinar, berliplap dan pelbagai pakej. aduhhhh...

ye.. dulu eqa penah guna layout macam tu.. eqa ni dulu gadis gothic.. haha.. x la.. suka hitam putih je. ala ala misteri.. tapi.. setelah berpurnama macam tu.. bler sendiri bukak baca blog sendiri... errrr.. MATAKU...!! itu lah jadinye. so... tukar lah layout ini ke warna yg lebih cerah dan font yg lebih gelap. huu~! sedap mata memandang... post panjang lebar pon sanggup tatap lame-lame. he he he...

makanyer, yg mana ada blog tuh... cuba la tukar yer layout dan font tu.. kalau xnak xpe. blog awak, bukan sayer punyer. hee~

ok BYE.

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak
buat semua rakan taulan, sanak saudara, muslimin & muslimat,
mohon maaf untuk segala perbuatan sama ada secara sengaja mahupun tidak sengaja yang telah mengguris hati kalian,
semoga Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna,
semoga Ramadhan kali ini dapat menguatkan lagi iman dalam diri,
semoga Ramadhan kali ini dapat membantu mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhan yang satu yakni Allah SWT.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

petang tadi punyer cerita

siang tadi kuar dgn mak. ouhh. mak amek cuti arini. huu~ mak ajak kuar lunch. pastu pegi bayar bill letrik.. mak cakap.. ayah suruh datang amek around 5.30. time tu plak da nak kol 4. so..... eqa cakap kat mak.."tayah la balik macam tu. g je la mana2." bernas kan idea..? hehehe.. mak pon cakap ok.. mak decide nak pegi beli piring untuk pasu mak dulu. da abis mak cuci mata & beli barang kat kedai bunga tu, mak tnya nak pegi mane pulak ni.. eqa laju2 cakap.. g 'Keluargaku'. Keluargaku is a hurmmm.. ntah. dulu dier jual baju je. now da ade satu mall. bergerak la kami ke sana. saje je. mak kata cuci2 mata je kat sini. tayah beli pape. makanyer, bercuci mata lah kami ni.

around 5.15 macam tu.. ktorang gerak g tempat kje ayah.. dalam keta tu dok borak2 ngan mak. pasal macam macam. then, nak dijadikan cerita.. eqa kena demam & flu balik. baru je baik last 2 weeks rasanyer. ni kne balik. so.. eqa cakap lah kat mak "mak, x suka nyer kene selsema ni." & merungut itu ini. mak pun jawab "kalau xsuka, pegilah cakap kat Allah." huuuuuu.. terus terdiam. betul jugak kata2 mak tu. nak buat macam mane la kan kalau Allah da berikan penyakit. penyakit tu kan penghapus dosa2 kecil.

hurmmm.. pengajaran yang kiter dapat... janganlah merungut biler kiter dapat penyakit or masalah, sbb Allah tidak akan menurunkan sesuatu kepada umat Nya melebihi kemampuan seseorang. & Allah ada caraNya yang tersendiri untuk umatNya menghadapi sesuatu dugaan @ cabaran. sesungguhnya, segala yang berlaku itu, ada hikmah di sebaliknya. kan?

Monday, July 16, 2012

kata tiada makna

cakap lain.
tindakan lain.

macam mane nak percaya. kann..?

cakap lain.
hasil lain.
memang lagi la x boleh percaya. kan?

manusia memang pandai putar belit perkataan.
buat ayat-ayat sedih.
padahal dalam hati dok terkinja-kinja.
yang si tukang dengar pon.
dok percaya membabi buta.
*clapclap untuk si pemutar belit perkataan*


Sunday, July 15, 2012

turban style

this is me in turban style :).. hehehe.. just trying..

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake. quite famous kan nowadays.. & its quite expensive too even a slice of it. so... kakak pon da lame mintak red velvet ni. tapi yg aritu dier mintak suruh beli... errr.. mmg tak la kan kalo da name pon student yg menganggur time cuiti2 ni. hehe..

makanye.. saya dgn rela hati nye.. da duduk umah ni. buat la kek red velvet ni. hee~! first attempt tu... alhamdulillah. sgalanya berjalan dgn lancar. kek pun jadi je. & rasanyer pon.. sodapppp.. hehe..

ni hah kek yg saya bikin dalam jam 2 ptg td. ^__^