♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: March 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

running away

running away or hiding?

you choose. 
& for what purpose? 
you think.
& why?
you figure it out.

psychologically.. you need to think deeply.
rationally.. you need to keep calm.
reality.. you have to give answer.

people have the ultimate brain to think, to rationalize, to make decision, to act, AND to do anything. yes.. the brain. 

think, think & think. 

hati terusik

entah.. kadang kadang madang je hati ni nak terusik.. tak tahu kenapa. mainan hati barangkali. bisikan kecil yang asyik bermain-main. entah. tak tahu..

sungguh.. kadang kadang tak tahu nak buat apa. menangis je yang mampu. tak tahu apa punca. yang tahu. hati tiba tiba terusik. sampai tak boleh menanggung. sampai mata bertakung penuh. sampai melimpah ruah mengalir kat pipi.

aduhai hatii.. janganlah macam ni. janganlah di buat perangai. janganlah..

Friday, March 29, 2013


pintaku hanya satu pada MU Ilahi..
aku memohon moga aku ditetapkan hati..
moga tiada rasa berbelah bagi..
moga tiada berkecil hati.

tetapkanlah hatiku ini..
agar tiada rasa curiga di hati..
agar tenang dalam lubuk sanubari..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..
bantulah aku,
lindungilah aku,
berilah aku petunjuk,
jauhilah aku dari bisikan syaitan yang durjana.

tetapkanlah hatiku wahai Ya Rahman Ya Rahim.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

& move on.

move on. move on. move on.

the same saying people will say every time something bad or sad or unfortunate happen to you. am i rite? yeahh.. it's good to encourage someone to keep move on. but, saying is too good, too easy than acting. kannn?

the thing is, u need to motivate urself. others may help u through advices, but if u don't do anything with urself, then the advices are all useless, meaningless.

the one that can change you, is YOU, YOURSELF.. not anyone else. anyone else is just the trigger. but u have to do it o ur own.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


to dearest copycat. can't u just be urself? y must u copy others? do u know that u r unique in ur own way & not by being fake? do u know that fact? Allah makes people with different attitude, behavior & etc so that this world is filled with unique people & it makes the world become colorful. if u r copying others, then the world will become dull.. hurmm..

be yourself. be proud with yourself. accept yourself, & then people will accept you. as simple as that. why must complicate things by copying others? u just make things become more complicated..

i am being me. i love myself. & i love for who i am. & i am being so damn grateful for being Nur Syafiqah itself.

Friday, March 8, 2013

title-less :)

hee~ it just that i have no idea about what shud i put for the title. title isn't necessary kan? what's important is the thing inside the post. hehe

so.. how are u dear readers? err.. *ade ke readers ni?* huhu..
time is moving so fast kannn? skejap je da nak masuk minggu ke 4 da ni. haihh laaa.. too many things to be done yet im not moving even a little pon. *the lazy nur syafiqah -.-" *

this semester seems a little bit hard for me as many of the subjects are kinda abstract. i mean, before ni punyer subject u can see some hierarchy of words. or some sound symbols. but this semester i am facing the things that are related with mental symbols, psychology & etc etc that u cannot even see the changes nor the table nor the figureeee.. arghhhh...

pape pon.. all the best eqa.