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Monday, April 30, 2012

dosa sesama manusia

Sesungguhnya dosa sesama manusia hanya boleh dimaafkan oleh manusia itu sendiri dan bukanlah boleh diampunkan oleh Allah S.W.T.

maka, bermaaf-maafanlah sesama kamu. 

kepada semua ahli keluarga terutamanya mak & ayah, orang mintak maaf atas semua perlakuan yang menyinggung perasaan mak & ayah. mintak ampun mak & ayah.

kepada rakan2, sahabat taulan.. saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari untuk memohon ampun dan maaf andai ada tersilap kata yang menyinggung perasaan, ada perlakuan yang menyakitkan hati, ada mengumpat di belakang anda. mintak maaf semua..

kepada sesiapa yang mengenali diri ini. seribu kemaafan jua dipohon kepada anda. andai ada kata2 yang menyinggung perasaan. ada perlakuan yang menyakitkan hati. kalau ada yang senyum, tapi tak dibalas senyum itu, maaf bebanyak. mungkin sbb saya tak perasan. 

minta maaf semua. 

p/s : saya hanya mampu memohon maaf, andai ada yang tak dapat memaafkan saya. hurmmm.. takpe lah.

a fact that u do not know

You know why a girl just wants to be friend with you? 
It's not because she doesn't want to be with you, but because she values the friendship between you & her have too much to risk losing it. She's happy to have you in her life, you were always the guy she goes to for advice & a lot of guys who she used to have a thing with don't even talk to her anymore. A lot of guys have come & go in her life, & she isn't trying to lose you like that. If she were to be more than friends with you, it would complicate things. You think she rejected you cause she dislikes you, but really, she did that because she values the friendship between you & her..

Friday, April 20, 2012

the M.E...!


  • i live my life to the fullest. even sometimes, i fall down.. but in the end, there will be few persons who help me to stand back. thanx btw..
  • i am the girl who gonna keep my memories in my head. even people who are in the memory will never keep it, but i will & will always will to keep it safely in my head.
  • i am me. even sometimes, a little bit hypocrite, but i'll make myself back to reality. 
  • childish is in me. but only with certain people. dunno why, but its a spontaneous act. im sorry if its annoying. but should i sorry for that? nayyyy. hee~
  • my families are the important thing in my life. they are my light, they are my supporter, they are my helper, they are my everything. they are my soul, my life.
  • my lover, he is my backbone. my everything after the families. he is the one who will encourage me whenever im down, whenever i am lack of confidence. he will do anything to make me happy whenever i sad. thanx my sayang.
  • my friends, to those who stay with me. thanx a lot. thanx for being there for me. thanx for cherishing me. thanx kawan.
  • to roommates, thanx kakak kakak rumet..! love ya. thanx for the love you give to me. thanx :)
  • i am the girl who will do anything for people around me. love to see the smile on their face. love to see their laugh. anything will do to make them happy.
  • i love taking pictures. i love to pretend like i am a model. hee~ 
  • i am a spoiled daughter. especially with the dad. :) love u ayah. love u too mak. <3
  •  the most importantly, i love everyone around me. though u hate me. i still love u. 
thanx all..!! thanx to the persons who entered my life recently. thanx adek adek UPM. u made my day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PTPTN *the HOTTEST topic*

ok. this is just an opinion from me. a view from a student, a Malaysian, a daughter. ok? this is just the view from me, an ordinary people with ordinary thinking. so, do not get angry, do not get offended. just sharing my thoughts. ok korang? so, let's get started.

1st, as we all know, PTPTN is an organization to help Malaysian's student to pay their fees & also to help them to survive as a student. ok la. nak guna duit family, maybe it's a little bit hard untuk family yang ade adek beradek ramai. or even tade ramai siblings pon, parents yang berpendapatan rendah pun agak susah nak bayar yuran or nak bg duit bulanan as duit blnja kat anak2. kan? we do agree on this thing.

so. kenapa nak mansuhkan PTPTN? kenapa tiba2 ade issue ttg PTPTN di kala negara tgh nak berpilihan raya? i wonder why. huu~ ok la. bnda ni mmg ade kaitan ngan politik. i think its normal for any parties to bring up a matter. kan? so, PTPTN is one of it.

as for me, to abolish PTPTN so suddenly, its quite hurmm.. mengarut? sbb its been years or even ages PTPTN ni ade. ramai yg guna PTPTN ni untuk sambung blaja. ade yg da abis bayar, ade yg tgh bayar, ade yg tak bayar lagi. stuju? sebenarnye la kan. duit PTPTN ni, duit dier maen rolling rolling je. arini si Abu pinjam. bler da abis pinjam, Abu bayar balik. pastu orang lain plak guna. macam tu je pon. so, klo tak bayar balik, macam mane org lain nak guna, nak pinjam?

pandai pinjam, pandai la bayar, kan..? kiter pinjam singgit kat kawan, klo tak bayar balik, rasa serba salah tak? tp knpe da pinjam kat PTPTN, nak bayar balik, tade rasa apepon? padahal da slamat konvokesyen da. siap duit PTPTN tu guna untuk beli handphone la, baju la, ape la.. this kind of thing, kiter boleh nampak la. so, from doing that kinda thing. kenapa tak buat macam ni je? duit PTPTN uh bler da dapat setiap sem, kan da siap tolak yuran. so, put aside some money for our daily expenses. & yg selebihnya, bg kat parents untuk simpan dalam ASB or mane2 amanah saham. so, kan ke duit tu nnti akan beranak pinak. nnti nak bayar balik PTPTN uh ade da duit nye. siap ade xtra untuk guna sendiri lagi.

ok la. klo tanak simpan kat mane2. kiter da guna. da abis blaja da pon. ape salah tiap2 bulan bayar 50ringgit kat PTPTN tuh. ade duit lebih, bayar la lebih sikit. tade la name nak kne blacklist. kiter da pinjam, kewajipan bagi kiter untuk bayar balik. so, untuk mansuhkan PTPTN.. tapayah la kot. klo nak suruh dorang mansuhkan interest, itu lebih bijak. cadangkan kat PTPTN tuh, bior dorang ade kos pentadbiran yang FIX. tayah nak naekkan interest. tayah ade interest langsung. & tayah la nak bermogok-mogok bagai.

kiter mahasiswa, belajar tinggi. ade ilmu, ade akal, so.. gunalah ilmu yang kiter ade, akal yang kiter ade untuk pk segala consequences. jgn pentingkan diri je. esok anak2 kiter.. kalo kiter tak mmpu, mane nak cekau duit nak anta anak2 blaja..?

some people suarakan untuk pelajaran percuma. people, there's nothing free in this world. mmg ade ngra yang bg pljaran percuma, tp itu sbb income negara dorang adelah tggi & tax dorang pun tinggi. kiter? Malaysia? kiter ade teknologi, kiter tgk sendiri. kiter kaji sendiri. & knpe USA tu.. or even UK.. tak bg free education? dorang just tawarkan scholarship je. sbb.. mengikut kata2 lecturer saya, orang2 kat sane, dorang berusaha untuk dapatkan sesuatu. sbb tu dorang digalakkan bekerja masa study. klo anak2 org kaya tu. tayah la cakap. kan?

so guys. thing about others plz. to abolish PTPTN so sudden, & to make the education free to ALL students, it may take few years to enact the enactment , & then years lagi to imply it. hurmmm.. so, in between.. sape yg nak balaja, tp tade duit. kne lupakan hasrat dorang je la kan?

ok. ini pandangan saya je. just a view. thanks.

no specific title :)

owkehh.. first of all. i would like to thanx to all my fellow readers for spending your time reading my blog. though there's nothing special.. but thanx for reading & visiting here. thanx readers. :) and ouhh.. tak sangka ade family members yang mengikuti jugak perkembangan this blog. sampai aritu kne tegur, blog tak berupdate. haha.. terima kasih MAKCIK..!! ^_^

second. today, while i was sleeping, i got a call from the faculty. its quite err.. scary jugak la. coz the person told me that i have to come to the faculty & meet Dr. Sab, which is the Head of English Department. so, i had class at one till two. after class i went to meet her.. the clerk hand me a form, & then Dr. Sab called me from her office. she told me that i was listed as a candidate for an award. i was speechless. really. but Alhamdulillah for being the candidate. walaupun hnya calon, but i never asked for this. never imagine about it pon, but then, rezeki Allah datang pulak. dapat @ tak dapat. tak kesah pon. :). thanx Allah for the opportunity.

third.. hurmmm.. i was asked not to post anything about what happened to me recently. something yang hurmm.. ya la. cannot say a thing pon. huu~ may Allah helps me, & i'll do my best to do what i HAVE to do. semoga Allah permudahkan jalan untuk eqa. aminn..

fourth, be happy. be nice. be kind. smile. be active. be hardworking. most importantly, be a good servant to the one & only one, Allah almighty. insyaAllah.

muchas gracias mi amigos. mucho gusto y hasta luego.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

i wish i could have more time...

i wish.. i could have more & more precious times with my one & only sister. huu~ well, now we're counting the days.

another 43-days to go..!!! yurpp.. 43 days left before she becomes someone's someone :(

i am happy. & i am not happy.

i am happy, because... she'll become a wife sooner. she'll marry & have her own family. at last. at the age of 28. hee~

& i am sad. because... she's no longer mine. i mean. everything gonna change. the life between us. after 22 years of my life. be with her. fights, sharing this & that, do this & that, together. the two of us. laughing. crying. hurmm. then. when the days come, it's not going to be the same anymore. she belongs to someone, she has her own responsibility.

22 years of my life. i don't think its enough for me to be with her. ya laa.. we are hardly to stay together. seeing each other when we have holidays. since kids. i was in standard 1, & she was in standard 6. there's only a year i had the chance to be with her in school. then she entered secondary school. she stayed in hostel. & i studied as usual in primary school. we had fights. almost every-time we saw each other. then after secondary, she went to matriculation college. & i then entered my secondary school & yes, hostel of course. so, we were hardly to meet each other for a long period of time. seeing each other when we had the same holidays.

after that, she went to further her study in Pahang. i was is secondary school. when she had her semester break, i was in my hostel. when i had my school break, she was in Pahang. & few years passed, i went to Terengganu. & she worked in Melaka. got the chance to meet her, only when i had my semester break. againn. after that, u know it already. haihhh~!

& now. 43 days from now.. she is someone's wife. can't believe that time moves so fast & makes me feel something. something uneasy. huu~! how am i going to let go my one & only sister. seriously, i can't imagine how's my life is going to be after this. i mean.. yeahhh... i still can have her. but.. u know. it is going to be different. kann?

& how am i hoping & wishing that before her BIG day.. i wanna have some private & precious time with her. without anyone else. just the two of us or just the five of us. ayah, mak, abang, she & me.

ohhh. i miss my childhood. & how i wish that i could go to my childhood era & just stay at there. playing with my siblings & cousins. running & jumping. main masak-masak. main kejar-kejar. ya Allah. sungguh aku rindu saat2 itu. sungguh aku tak ingin masa berjalan begitu pantas.

sister... i will always pray for your happiness. be happy kakak. i love you. wish i could have more & more time to be with u. just the two of us. ingt tak. dlu aku pernah cakap macam ni. "kak, tayah la kawen". ingt? huu~!

& masa terus berjalan tanpa menghiraukan kerisauan & kesedihan dalam hati.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

on the 7th April 2012

7th April 2012, Saturday
event : Wajadiri

ouhh well.. yesterday, ikut team MMU g wajadiri. huu~ nyibok je an?

& accompanying my mista Bunchet at there. for the 1st time i mean. follow from the early morning sampai la abis tournament. wee~ amacam awak? bersemangat tak smalam? he he he~

here are some pictures from my camera. tak masuk semua pun.

Friday, April 6, 2012

i'd thought about this before

yezzzaa.. what was the thought ekk..? the thought of having a bF from the same university. wee~ ya la kann.. we often watch movies either local or oversea nye. both have the same genre which a couple from a university. first saw in university. then befriend, then fall in love, the BLAblaBla.. kannn?

so, when i was in the 'teen years. i'd thought about this. even-though i'd experience some relationships during my schooldays, but obviously, school & university/college lives are totally different. whereas at school, u still behave like a kid, or the maturity hasn't come yet. & yes in the uni, u're kinda of almost reach the level of maturity. deng~! haha.

so, regarding those movies.. when i was teenagers (skarang pun teenage lagi kan? umo je yg da tak 'teen' lagi. kan? he he he).. watching those movies really made me imagined of the life in university. where i can meet some guy, from the same uni, or perhaps the same faculty, to be specified the same course. hah amekkk.. go to class together, study pun together gether. pegi sana sini together gether. hehhh.. dat was the thoughts of mine before the maturity came to me. huhu~ that was before la.

& now, ntah.. huu~ mmg la.. sometimes, when u see pair of couples here & there all the time.. sometimes, the jealousy came to me. ya la kan. sape tak jeles... ur lover is just in front of your face all the time all. kannn? sometimes, mmg jeles. so? what am i trying to say here? im lost. err~!

so, that was the thought of mine. just a thought. & it a WASSSSSS.. plz. dun be offended.

love is everywhere. & distance, it never can be a reason pun. if the love is strong, pure, sacred, & u have the honesty, the responsibility in taking care your relationship, trustworthy, InsyaAllah. everything will be just fineeee. kannn?

*i really had no idea what i was talking up there. denggg~!*