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Friday, April 20, 2012

the M.E...!


  • i live my life to the fullest. even sometimes, i fall down.. but in the end, there will be few persons who help me to stand back. thanx btw..
  • i am the girl who gonna keep my memories in my head. even people who are in the memory will never keep it, but i will & will always will to keep it safely in my head.
  • i am me. even sometimes, a little bit hypocrite, but i'll make myself back to reality. 
  • childish is in me. but only with certain people. dunno why, but its a spontaneous act. im sorry if its annoying. but should i sorry for that? nayyyy. hee~
  • my families are the important thing in my life. they are my light, they are my supporter, they are my helper, they are my everything. they are my soul, my life.
  • my lover, he is my backbone. my everything after the families. he is the one who will encourage me whenever im down, whenever i am lack of confidence. he will do anything to make me happy whenever i sad. thanx my sayang.
  • my friends, to those who stay with me. thanx a lot. thanx for being there for me. thanx for cherishing me. thanx kawan.
  • to roommates, thanx kakak kakak rumet..! love ya. thanx for the love you give to me. thanx :)
  • i am the girl who will do anything for people around me. love to see the smile on their face. love to see their laugh. anything will do to make them happy.
  • i love taking pictures. i love to pretend like i am a model. hee~ 
  • i am a spoiled daughter. especially with the dad. :) love u ayah. love u too mak. <3
  •  the most importantly, i love everyone around me. though u hate me. i still love u. 
thanx all..!! thanx to the persons who entered my life recently. thanx adek adek UPM. u made my day.

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  1. ouch! terharu! T_T thanx to u too sayang! :) <3 heart! ignore others who hates and ignoring u!