♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: September 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

few things :)

1st.. im in love. yes.. i am in love. huu~ who else kalo bukan si dier my Mista Bunchet :) 

in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love in love..

2nd.. tataw knpa, these few days, there were few conversation between me & my mom about engagement, wedding. back then when i brought up things like that to her she will said "tapayah nak gatal sangat. abiskan belajar tu dulu" huhu. yeahh.. she said that to me. & i will just senyum-macam-kerang-busuk... huhu.. so.. dunno why.. suddenly, it becomes.. hurmm ntah.. no more those kind of words. she will layan me & said something like..
"a'ah. baju ni cantik" & she put the dress on me. and ask the salesgirl bout the price. ok.. that dress is a jubah-dress which is damn be-you-tifulllll... before she did that, i told her that the dress is beautiful & it is something to be wore for engagement. she said nothing. & layan eqa like im going to have my engagement ceremony in few months from now. hahaha..

then we attend a wedding ceremony. so, i told her that the pelamin is simple but nice. but the color is not so suitable because the background is white. then the border & frames are white. then  told her that im going to have the same pelamin with some alteration here & there. & then she said that the pelamin is not ok. & she's going to have something else for me. errrrrr.. speechless. hahaha

my dad.. suddenly asked me, "adek, bler afiq abis blaja?".. he will never ask anything without reasons actually. i didn't ask him more, but i guess i know why. huu~

semoga jodoh ini berkekalan, semoga cepat kami disatukan.  aminnn :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

miss me?

hahaha.. what a title huh?

so.. its really been a while. i also forgot when was the last time i updated my precious blog. huhu.. sorry dear blog, i've been lazying around lately. sorry for forgetting u. but u know i will find u back. ^__^

so... what's up..? mine is just ok. yeah.. alhamdulillah. my days were very pleasing & nice & beautiful. thank you Allah for ur blessing. but since yesterday, i am having sore eyes. & i got 2 days of mc. today & tommorow. but i guess, i should go for tomorrow class b'coz i feel wrong for not attending today classes eventhough i have an excuse. huhu.. i am a good student. yes, i know that. haha

Thursday, September 13, 2012

turban fever :)

i look different here. not like me at all. huhu

jom beli lens :)

sape2 yang nak beli lens. sila lah contact saya di facebook ye :)

harga sepasang lens ialah RM 25 termasuk postage.. here is the link..


hebahkan lah kepada kawan kawan jiran tetangga sedara mara dan sapa2 shja. hee

Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday 08092012

this date, this day.... was a happy day for me as i haven't went out with my mR. Bunchet for many daysssss.. we've been meeting few times few weeks back, but that was just a meeting. i brought him home to be with my families, then i sent him home. huu~

but this date.. we had the opportunity to be together, hung out together, walk together, shopping together, & be happy together of course. derrr.. just one day before i left my home sweet home for a battle. the-battle-of-life. hehe..

the short time we had, err.. as for me... it was damn worth it. but for him, i think it was quite bored. hah laaaa.. da nama pon perempuan... da tentu lah sangat lama nak menilik baju from shop to shop. kannn..? hehe.. sorry dear mR. Bunchet... it is in my blood that kind of attitude... choosy but worth it. :)

thanx for today sayang. thanx for every seconds u spent for me, thanx for every penny, thanx for the awesome day i had. ^_^

awak.. i had fun today. lotsa fun. thanx a lot awak....!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my raya 2012

lets pictures do the talking :)