♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: June 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a boring holidayyyy

uhukk.. while studying, i was hoping for holiday. but when im in my holiday. im hoping for something to do. its a boringgggg holidayy..!!

nak kuar date pon x boleh. si Bunchet ade kelas. bZ memanjang. keta pon xde ni hah.. aduhhh.. mati akai laaaa..

uhukk.. what am i going to do for the upcoming 2 months? tell me tell me.. & all i can do while at home is baking. but now, i have goods shortage. need a day to find all the stuffs to start baking. weehuuuu.. baking & eating & fat-ting..! muahahah. bye

Sunday, June 24, 2012

karma. do u believe in it?

as for me. karma isn't in Islam at all.. but i do think.. what goes around comes around.

once u did something to people, then there is a day when u get something like what u did, just the situation may be slightly different. Allah knows best kan. no matter what bad things u did to people, u will get the same thing. & vice versa with the good things too.

so, juz beware with what u do in ur daily life. make sure u never hurt people around u. & make sure u do some deeds.

& ouhhh.. happy Sunday everyone. may u have a very good day ahead. aminnn..

Friday, June 22, 2012

is it wrong?

is it wrong for a gf/bf to get jealous with each other? nopz.. as jealous is sort of the measurer for love. kann?

hurmm.. both. when they get jealous, nothing will do except the words that will comforting her/him back. words are the amazing thing when u are far from each other. when both are near, words & actions are just the perfect partner to comfort ur gf/bf.

thus, be proud & grateful when u know ur partner is still have the jealous thingy for u. ok?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

im jealous

duhhh.. seriously.. im jealous with everyone around me yang one by one menjadi tunangan orang. & here.. they are just one step closer to another phase of their life..

& of course, im jealous with those yang da kawen. & ade anak. & tgh mengandung. they are the same age with me. but... ape nak buat. ini rezeki masing2.. Allah percepatkan jodoh mereka dulu.

huhu... btw, wishing u guys will live happily ever after. there might be few problems along the relationship. but get through the problems with patience, du'a, prayers & most importantly.. take a good care of ur relationship. insyaAllah. Allah will help u in any problems pon..

whatever it is.. i still jealous with u guys..!! hee~ pray for me pulak k. hopefully after we finish our study. insyaAllah. aminn..

good evening eberibadi..!

hee~ its been a while i've been away from updating anything in here. i was busy doing some blog-walking, stalking, & some other stuffs. he he he

now.. im in my holiday. & home sweet home. here in my own room. teheee..~ doing everything like online, movies, games & sumtimes eat. & yeahh.. i've been thinking to decorate my room. maybe.. just maybe.. i'll start it soon. when the diligent comes to me. ahahaha..

really do not know what am i suppose to do during my holiday. working?? hurmm.. i wished.. my mom won't let me working. she was once said to me that if i wanna work, then just work at home by doing all the house-chores thingy. brilliant idea i think. ~.^. but mom.. will i be paid if i really do all the things? hee~ RM100 per week maybe. ^__^

& i am finding a right day to have a date. wee~! its been real long that we haven't spend the time together. yeahh. of course he was here, at my house during the wedding, & Terenganu of course, but that cannot be counted. huu~! i'll find a day for us. ^__^

Monday, June 18, 2012

duty call

huhu~! im home. real home. just arrived yesterday. & oh ohhhh.. terima kasih mR. Bunchet sebab datang kL teman saya balik mlka. hehe.. terima kasih bebanyak. :)

& today. i got a call from HEPA. i was asked to go for a camping, KPO handled by HEPA itself. 1st told its gonna be at Sabah. then he told me its in Langkawi. aduhhh.. tertipuu.. huhu.. hurmm.. the camp is on 24th - 29th of June.

have to go back to UPM. haihhh laaaa...

Friday, June 15, 2012

its the end..!

yeahhh..! it's the of the suffering days..!! for 5 days straight i was having my final exams. 6 payperrrs in 5 days. duhhh.. it was awesome. *sigh*

& a compliment for myself. congratulations eqa for studying really really last minute. covering a subject per night. err~! for few hours actually. muahaha.. dunno that u were that great. unfortunately, it was a disaster the day i took the exam. hehehe.

well done eqa. now... u r free to do anything. korean movies day & night. & err.. what am i going to do in my 3months of holidays ea? ekk????

Thursday, June 14, 2012

to whom it may concern

i need nothing from you anymore.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


sungguh saya sayang dier...!!!!
saya sayang awak tawwwww..!!!

ehhh duniaaaa..!!!
saya sayang AFIQ..!!

Bunchet. seeeeeeee.. i tell the world oredi :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

just before the exam week

so, here i am. still at home. though exam is just around the corner, still here, updating my blog & watching korean dramas. hee~! not yet open or read or memorize any books & notes.

this is me. the last minute type. im not the type who will study earlier because it is so not Nur Syafiqah. its not that im a lazy person. it just that that is the way i study. moreover, im not into reading. reading will just make me feel more bored, & sleepy of course. so, people are rarely seeing me study early. sumtimes they were wondering when i study for my exams. u got the answer now, i study the very very last minute.

im the type who will concentrate in class. & insyaAllah, when i concentrate, whatever the lecturers say, i remember it. so, that is me. when u see how focus am i in the class.. PLEASE, do not disturb my concentration. miahaha.. gedik tak abis.

but alhamdulillah.. Allah helps me. so, for this semester.. its quite hard for me to targeting on any pointer. because this semester, i was quite lazy actually. i lost my focus almost every class. im sleepy in class. yeahhh... gilos. plus the ASSIGNMENTS given by the lecturers. dunno how to describe them. i was hurmm.. NTAH.

hopefully, i can maintain my pointer. that's all i need for this semester. but hurmmm. most of the subjects need me to read & memorize the notes, the facts & so on. u know how i hate reading so muchhh.. arghhhh. help me...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

buatlah kalau rasa terpaksa pon. sebabbb

jgn cakap tak sampai seru lagi. sebab menutup aurat tu da mmg ada dalam al-Quran.
jangan cakap belum bersedia. sebab kalau nak tggu bersedia tu ntah biler ntah.
jangan cakap belum tiba masanya lagi. sebab, mati tu pun boleh jadi bila2 masa.

dari terpaksa itu, akan muncul satu rasa ikhlas. insyaAllah

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ha ha ha

ha ha ha
u are funny

how shud i say this?

how shud i say this? i mean. the feelings that i am having right now since my sista's big day. how shud i explain it? how shud i elaborate all the feelings that have been mixed here, deep in my heart.

the one & only sista that i have, she is someone's wife. & the lack of time being alone with her, hurmm. its sumtimes, bothered me.

the day, she became a wife, after the akad, i cant help myself to stop or to hold on the tears. the time that i hugged her, that was the time my tears kept pouring down. after she was being hugged by my parents. i came to her, and she said "kau xnak salam aku ke?". i shake her hand and hugged her immediately. hurmm..

that was on the big day. then the moment when we came to terengganu. her ceremony on abg nadzri behalf. it was ok for me until we want to go back to melaka. when all the families went to the bus, and she followed us. i was at her back, with other relatives, then i went to her, wanted to shake her before i go into the bus. & i saw her tears. hurmmmmm.

until now, it feels like a dream. i dunno either i can accept the truth or not. yeahh. i know, sooner or later, i'll be sumone's wife too. but.. for her, i just want more time to be alone with her. just me & her. haihhh..

Friday, June 1, 2012

holla..! encantada

me llamo nur syafiqah. soy de melaka. soy de la facultad de lenguas modernas y comunicación. soy estudiante en UPM en ingles. a mi me gusta comer y dormir. me gusta leer los libros también. no, no me gusta los tomates y las berenjenas. pero a mi me gustan muchas las frutas.

yo tengo un hermano y una hermana. mi padre es Mohd Roslan. mi madre es Zawiah. amo a mi familia.

tengo que ir. hasta pronto mi amigos. :)


here. i put some photos k. :)

and the rest. please look at my facebook. :)

hello there :)

hello there. hello all. sorry. its been a while i hadn't update anything in here. actually. its been a hectic life those few days back then. been busy with all my ASSignments. been busy with my sister wedd. ouhh.. yeahhh..

selamat pengantin baru kakak. now, u r an officially a wife. congratz sista. it was sad & happy day for me. it was kinda hard to let u go to sumone. & i kept thinking of many things. haihh.. whatever it is. congratz again. have a good new life. may u happy always.

ok.. that's all for the wishes. back to the topic. yeahh. i was damn busy. till now.. still have some ASSignments to be done. im in my study week right now if u do not know. yet, still got assignment. & also.. my exam week. hurmm.. i have no gap at all. its on 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 15. got 2 papers on 15 june. deng..~!

wish me luck. do pray for me.

ouhh.. about the sister's wedding. i'll update some later. i'll be uploading some pictures too.

before that. i would like to thank to all my families, unties, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and everyone who helped my family before, during & after the day. thanks a lot all. & not to forget, thanx my dear, my lovely Mista Bunchet, for helping out too. thanx a lot. thanx.. do not know any other ways to thank to all of you. a 'thank you' word would never be enough. may Allah bless all of you. thanx all. really appreciate it.