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Thursday, June 21, 2012

im jealous

duhhh.. seriously.. im jealous with everyone around me yang one by one menjadi tunangan orang. & here.. they are just one step closer to another phase of their life..

& of course, im jealous with those yang da kawen. & ade anak. & tgh mengandung. they are the same age with me. but... ape nak buat. ini rezeki masing2.. Allah percepatkan jodoh mereka dulu.

huhu... btw, wishing u guys will live happily ever after. there might be few problems along the relationship. but get through the problems with patience, du'a, prayers & most importantly.. take a good care of ur relationship. insyaAllah. Allah will help u in any problems pon..

whatever it is.. i still jealous with u guys..!! hee~ pray for me pulak k. hopefully after we finish our study. insyaAllah. aminn..


  1. Xpe belum rezeki :)

    P/s: I'm jealous too..sometimes he he

  2. fya... huhu.. tu la kan. not my turn yet.