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Thursday, June 7, 2012

just before the exam week

so, here i am. still at home. though exam is just around the corner, still here, updating my blog & watching korean dramas. hee~! not yet open or read or memorize any books & notes.

this is me. the last minute type. im not the type who will study earlier because it is so not Nur Syafiqah. its not that im a lazy person. it just that that is the way i study. moreover, im not into reading. reading will just make me feel more bored, & sleepy of course. so, people are rarely seeing me study early. sumtimes they were wondering when i study for my exams. u got the answer now, i study the very very last minute.

im the type who will concentrate in class. & insyaAllah, when i concentrate, whatever the lecturers say, i remember it. so, that is me. when u see how focus am i in the class.. PLEASE, do not disturb my concentration. miahaha.. gedik tak abis.

but alhamdulillah.. Allah helps me. so, for this semester.. its quite hard for me to targeting on any pointer. because this semester, i was quite lazy actually. i lost my focus almost every class. im sleepy in class. yeahhh... gilos. plus the ASSIGNMENTS given by the lecturers. dunno how to describe them. i was hurmm.. NTAH.

hopefully, i can maintain my pointer. that's all i need for this semester. but hurmmm. most of the subjects need me to read & memorize the notes, the facts & so on. u know how i hate reading so muchhh.. arghhhh. help me...

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