♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

love, my love

talking about love?? huu~

well actually.. i've been with him for about almost 4 years da. since 2009. lama da kan. so, basically.. we didn't know each other till the day we met at a camp. & me, myself never thought that i got someone to be my lover. then.. yeah.. was it a love at the first sight? hurmm.. ntahh.. rasa nya macam da bnyk kali da ade love at the first sight. hahaha... ngeng~!

the first time i saw him.. monologue dalaman..
"sombong".. yesss.. the 1st word that came out in my mind. well.. i was in charged for the registration. dgn my fren la kan.. at first, ade 3 org bdak dari uni yang sama ngan si dia ni datang dlu. me & Haniz,
"haniz, rasa2 bapa ek umo dorang?"
"da dua puluh lebih ni."
& the talking suddenly stop because we need to 'entertain' them. kitorang bg borang suruh isi smua. then si dia datang. & he was talking to someone. that time. when i saw him. err.. tal terkata. macam mulut kene seal. terpegunnn? nayyy.. ntah.. tataw why suddenly jadi macam tu. pdhal ade je mamat mamat hensem lain. tapi pandang dorang tak sama macam pandang si dia ni. miahaha.. *gatai nooo*. so.. dorang pon isi borang. & i tiba2 terus jadi pendiam. walhal, before he came dok rancak borak ngan 3 org budak tu sbb they were from MMU melaka. & melaka is my hometown yoooo. hehe.. 

then Haniz & i pon collect balik forms tu. tgk kat umur dorang..
"OMG... dorang lagi muda dari kiter". HAHAHAHA.. well.. don judge a book by its cover. kann??

during the camping.. to talk with him was a rare situation laaa.. there was a night. while i was doing some work, he & his friend were also there. we talked a bit. suddenly ade lipas... that was the BESTEST night ever for me. dier punyer terkinja kinja berlari selamatkan diri. perghhh.. macam menari hip hop la wa cakap lu. haha..

& i dun know why is that i was having a jealousy time with him during the camping. duhhh.. who am i for him? nothing kottt.. that was GILER actually. cemburu kat orang yg tade pape kat kiter. ITU MEMANG GILER. huhu.. ade lah malam tu. ktorang tidur lambat. then main game.. truth or dare. haha.. sengalll kot.

ade la skali tu.. while we were busy arranging the participants, stuffs & etc.. masa tu kne amek barang kat kantin. he asked me to follow him to the canteen to help him, but when we got there.. there was nothing pon actually. everything da settle.. so, he asked me to have a tea together. *curiosity was increasing*. hahaha.. & we had some talks.

& tiba lah masa untuk pulang. that night, my group sent them to the terminal. before they went into the bus, we got some dinner. there, we exchanged numbers.. & i didnt say a word pon. huu~ malu? cover? budget??? ntah. tgh tahan jeles je time tu. haha.. so.. after dinner.. before dorang nek bus, si dia ni tnya sapa leh tolong belikan dier t.up. & saya dgn baik hati nya menawarkan diri untuk menolong. huhu..

then.. lepas da hantar dorang balik. my group dok lepak kat pantai batu buruk. the best night for me too. & dunno how. we started to message. the message goes on & on until he didn't reply my msg. & i was assuming that fell asleep already. but the next day.. we texted again. & day after. & the day after. sampailah masing2 add up kat facebook. & a month later. tadaaaaaaa.. huu~

Friday, February 22, 2013

1st week of 3rd sem

on last Monday.. my class started at 8 a.m. so.. yeahh.. as a student i woke up early & get ready for class. went to the bus stop, waiting for the bus.. went into the bus. & then class. i waited for about half an hour & I blahh from the class. because the lecturer wasn't there. & today. it happened again. but today class was at 3 p.m.. same thing happen.

tensiiii.. ~.~"

overall, this semester classes, hurmm i can say .. ok lah kotttt.. some lecturers are okay & some are. hurm hurmm.. so-so. hopefully everything goes well for this semester.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

me is missing him

me is missing this guy so damn badlyyyy...!

been a month plus at melaka wasn't enough for me. as i wasn't able to meet him. i still can count on how many times we met during the holiday with my 10 fingers. huu~ only in the last week, i was able to meet him.. but.. err.. still not enough..!!

to this guy, please take a good care of yourself. dun just think about ur cats. think bout urself too. & please..!!! eat..!!! on time...!!! grr~! lebihkan tidur dari makan. campak kang.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

mommy makes me cry T.T

i text my mom. & then, after few messages, i said that i miss them, & i wanna go home.

mummy's reply : "hmm balik leeee... rumah sunyi je.. :'( "

mak. seriously? u make me cry a lot.. haihhh..

UPM. againnn

haii.. im here again. at UPM. the most boring place. huu~

being a month at home and it never enough. though some times at home feel so damn boring. but i would prefer home than here. haihh..

i wanna be with my mom & dad. wanna spend the day & night with them even though during the day they went to work. arghhh.. UPM.. can u move nearer to my house. so that i can go home straight away after class finish? hurmmm..

at home, in the evening i'll go to my aunties' houses. playing with those little kiddos. hurmm

damn.. cepat lah habis blaja..! setahun setengah lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. arghhhh..!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


i made this yesterday. but not really this one. i made the one with the chocolate. ouhh.. the eclairs. buttt.. i had little time yesterday bcos i got an evening out with my sister, her husband & my cousin.. so... its a little bit rushing for me. so, i made the puff. & the cream, i wasn't able to make it properly. last lastttt, the cream jadi gravy truihhh.. hehehehehe,,,

but the taste still marvelous.. ^_^. gonna make another cream puff but with the custard cream.. my all time favorite.