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Sunday, February 17, 2013

UPM. againnn

haii.. im here again. at UPM. the most boring place. huu~

being a month at home and it never enough. though some times at home feel so damn boring. but i would prefer home than here. haihh..

i wanna be with my mom & dad. wanna spend the day & night with them even though during the day they went to work. arghhh.. UPM.. can u move nearer to my house. so that i can go home straight away after class finish? hurmmm..

at home, in the evening i'll go to my aunties' houses. playing with those little kiddos. hurmm

damn.. cepat lah habis blaja..! setahun setengah lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. arghhhh..!!

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