♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

as sobru minal iman

sabar itu separuh daripada iman..

makanya, bersabarlah anda dalam setiap perkara. dan orang yang sabar itu akan mendapat sesuatu yang diluar jangkaannya. insya Allah..

so.. nak dijadikan cerita, this was all about the waiting for the money. muahahaha.. its been quite a while i guess.. months already, after all the application & so on. & yes, alhamdulillah, i got the scholarship. then have to wait for the registration bagai. waiting for the money to be credited.. *THE MONEY okkk...?* huhu..

and have to be patient for the waiting. & alhamdulillah.. at last, the money is credited..! yeayyy..!

but..! there is a BUT.. i can't use the money to do this & that freely. i have to settle something first. settle what is important first. then, when i have extra.. only then i can use it for my ownnnnn... huu~

*** thank you Allah for all the sustenance in this world. thank you...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mummy is away

mummy is away for 3 days.
starting today till thursday,
she is away to Lumut, Perak.
for the sake of her work.
even though she is not healthy.
but she has too.

get well soon mummy. 
see you on thursday & we go for a walk on Friday. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

my name & its meaning


'nur' is a light
'syafiqah' means loving and caring..

weewhittt... what a name had been chosen by mummy & daddy..
so.. y am i talking about my name ek?
because, there are stories.

yes, i am a caring & loving person. *bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri ea* hehe
caring itself has many meanings. kann..?
so. i am the person who get touched easily when i see anyone who are too old or too poor or not capable of doing many things.
sometimes.. i cry when i see them. sometimes, i feel damn bad for not able to help them.
sometimes, im asking myself what am i supposed to do help them. but none.. hurmm.. that really make me feel bad..

there was once when i studied at Terengganu. there was an uncle. we were at bazar ramadhan. actually he is a guard at our uni. so, when i was waling & saw this uncle.. i feel sad. & straight away my father appeared in my mind. & err.. i feel like crying. but i hold myself, & u know when u are holding urself from crying u will feel some pain. yeahh.. i felt it that time. & i thought that time that uncle supposedly stay at home & iftar with his family.. haihhh...

& just now i saw an uncle. look old. he was alone. walking to the wedding ceremony. & hurmm.. dunno y i feel sorry for him. hurmm...

i am damn easy to get touched with something even if its in my family. or friends. or anon.

Friday, January 25, 2013

the holiday

im in my holiday. a month of holiday....
and i do not know what to do during this holiday..
ouhhh.. xcept baking & cooking.
& else, i do not knowwww..!

thinking of baking cake tomorrow.
cooking spaghetti..
and baked macaroni.
& yeahh.. i forgot one more thing to do during holiday..
let's get fat together. hehehe

Saturday, January 19, 2013

my hobby

this is my hobby.. drawing & painting & coloring & anything with art :)
this is me..
i would feel better whenever i hold a pencil and i have a paper.
a pencil & a paper for me to scratch anything..
& anything with nature is very pleasing ^_^
it's been a while i hadn't do this.
i mean the mural thingy. it stops since ages ago. huu~
but i will be very pleased to this again & again.

Friday, January 18, 2013

way we spent our last weekend

& this was the way we spent our last holiday actually. before everyone was going to have a hectic life :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


yezzaaa.. my obsession.. with the S attach to the word. huu..
my obsessions are maxi dress, shoes, specs, err and many more. huu~

maxi dress because, its easy for me. a one piece dress. sarung baju, siap siap. terus kuar. huu~
tayah nak dok pk pakai sluar ni ngan baju sesuai ke tidak. ok.tukar. eh. tanak la. eh eh ehh..

shoes... :)
urghhh.. cant stop my eyes over the shoes. not pump shoes. just wedges, some boots, some sneakers, some flat. made my day.

specs.. because i love the different look. catchy, elegant & so on. just me. love fashion. but sometimes, fashion failed. muahahaha...

maybe this is the norm of a woman. its their nature. but im not like some people who are too obsessed till they spend lots of money on their stuffs. na'ahhh.. not me. hurmmm.. i will find something i love with the lowest price. hehehe.. kedekut..?? nay, berjimat cermat aje.. ^__^

Sunday, January 13, 2013


really..? freedom oredi heh??
huhu~ as for me. yes, im free from any examssss..
& im done for my 3rd semester :).
which mean another 4 semesters to go.

anddddddd.. not really freeeeeee..
because, the results..
huu~ its gonna make me damn nervous..
scared.. anxious.. and all the words that similar.

wish me all the best.
& all the best to all my friends too.
see ya in the next semester..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shawl tutorial...

meh kiter tgk tutorial untuk Square Shawl.
tudung bawal pon boleh aje..
tp make sure pakai inner neck la yer utk tudung bawal :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

in the mood :)

i am in the mood to update my bloggggg.. hehehe..

these are pictures during abang's e-day at Johor.. :)

i just dun get it, not the life i've been living

some things are really make me thinking & thinking repeatedly day & night without stop.
some things, when i looked at them, i just don't get it.
the WHY, WHO & WHAT, & some other types of questions are somehow keep on appearing in my head.
why there are such thing? what's wrong with that? who did that? why did that? should u be doing that? & etc...

the more i think, the more headache & heartache that i get.
so in the end.
i make my own conclusion..
that is... it's not the life that i've been living through out my life.
yessss.. we are different, we live in a different world. *not that im in earth, & u r i mars* no no no...
it just, u have ur very own world that u have all this while.
& i have mine.
u live a world where everything seems ok to u, but not to me.
& vice versa.
so there u can see how different are we..

thus, we are different.
but, if the different is good or bad,
depends on us, & surrounding

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

this is me

this is me. this is my life. if u cant handle it, just say it. & make ur move.
its ok if u cant accept it.
wont hurt me neither kill me.
seriously, i am saying what i feel, what i want, & what i need.
should u questioned it?
should u make fun of it?
should u learn it?
should u take note from it?
should  u.... anything. anything. because that's ur choice. not mine.

am i hurt? disappointed? sad?
what am i? a rock? a wood? a steel?
an object?
yeah. i know. u r neither them too.
i know. so..
i think u should know what are my feelings.
i think. at least, that's what i thought.

people are always thought that they know everything.

but sometimes, they don't.
*including me*
people are always thought that their thinking is always right.
nevertheless, they don't.

this is me. this is my world.
this is my life. get the hell out of my life if u dun like it.