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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


yezzaaa.. my obsession.. with the S attach to the word. huu..
my obsessions are maxi dress, shoes, specs, err and many more. huu~

maxi dress because, its easy for me. a one piece dress. sarung baju, siap siap. terus kuar. huu~
tayah nak dok pk pakai sluar ni ngan baju sesuai ke tidak. ok.tukar. eh. tanak la. eh eh ehh..

shoes... :)
urghhh.. cant stop my eyes over the shoes. not pump shoes. just wedges, some boots, some sneakers, some flat. made my day.

specs.. because i love the different look. catchy, elegant & so on. just me. love fashion. but sometimes, fashion failed. muahahaha...

maybe this is the norm of a woman. its their nature. but im not like some people who are too obsessed till they spend lots of money on their stuffs. na'ahhh.. not me. hurmmm.. i will find something i love with the lowest price. hehehe.. kedekut..?? nay, berjimat cermat aje.. ^__^

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