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Thursday, January 31, 2013

as sobru minal iman

sabar itu separuh daripada iman..

makanya, bersabarlah anda dalam setiap perkara. dan orang yang sabar itu akan mendapat sesuatu yang diluar jangkaannya. insya Allah..

so.. nak dijadikan cerita, this was all about the waiting for the money. muahahaha.. its been quite a while i guess.. months already, after all the application & so on. & yes, alhamdulillah, i got the scholarship. then have to wait for the registration bagai. waiting for the money to be credited.. *THE MONEY okkk...?* huhu..

and have to be patient for the waiting. & alhamdulillah.. at last, the money is credited..! yeayyy..!

but..! there is a BUT.. i can't use the money to do this & that freely. i have to settle something first. settle what is important first. then, when i have extra.. only then i can use it for my ownnnnn... huu~

*** thank you Allah for all the sustenance in this world. thank you...

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