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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

this is me

this is me. this is my life. if u cant handle it, just say it. & make ur move.
its ok if u cant accept it.
wont hurt me neither kill me.
seriously, i am saying what i feel, what i want, & what i need.
should u questioned it?
should u make fun of it?
should u learn it?
should u take note from it?
should  u.... anything. anything. because that's ur choice. not mine.

am i hurt? disappointed? sad?
what am i? a rock? a wood? a steel?
an object?
yeah. i know. u r neither them too.
i know. so..
i think u should know what are my feelings.
i think. at least, that's what i thought.

people are always thought that they know everything.

but sometimes, they don't.
*including me*
people are always thought that their thinking is always right.
nevertheless, they don't.

this is me. this is my world.
this is my life. get the hell out of my life if u dun like it.

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