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Thursday, January 10, 2013

i just dun get it, not the life i've been living

some things are really make me thinking & thinking repeatedly day & night without stop.
some things, when i looked at them, i just don't get it.
the WHY, WHO & WHAT, & some other types of questions are somehow keep on appearing in my head.
why there are such thing? what's wrong with that? who did that? why did that? should u be doing that? & etc...

the more i think, the more headache & heartache that i get.
so in the end.
i make my own conclusion..
that is... it's not the life that i've been living through out my life.
yessss.. we are different, we live in a different world. *not that im in earth, & u r i mars* no no no...
it just, u have ur very own world that u have all this while.
& i have mine.
u live a world where everything seems ok to u, but not to me.
& vice versa.
so there u can see how different are we..

thus, we are different.
but, if the different is good or bad,
depends on us, & surrounding

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