♥ eQa | RosLan ♥: May 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a confession

i am a good stalker. :)
u hide from me? i'll find you.
dun worry.

Monday, May 14, 2012

the night

the night is referring to a dinner that was conducted by Afiq's club. i went there. & i was like.. hurmmm.. *buat muka tataw malu*.. seriously. though Bunchet's insisted & kept persuading me that everything & everyone was ok with me at there. derr.. still.. sayer malu. yala.. got nothing to do with them actually, even i know some of them. but.. u know. hurmmm.. still. MALU.

but.. millions of thanx dear Afiq's friends for the warm welcome. thanx a lot. thanx for being such a nice friend to me :). thanx yurp. seriously, honestly. sometimes i do feel like i am an outsider when i was with u guys. *i am an outsider. what daa....*. but the way u treat me. it does make me feel better. thanx again.

here. are just pictures of me & Bunchet. really, only few pictures in my camera.

to dear Bunchet. thanx a lot for everything. thanx for being near even u r far. thanx for being so damn understanding even-though we never in the same boat. thanx for being so damn protective. thanx dear sayang. i know u love me. & i love u too.

lumrah manusia : dengki

ye. dunia yang kiter hidup skarang. yang kiter tinggal skarang tak lepas dengan orang orang yang suka mendengki. dengki dengan kejayaan orang lain, dengki dengan kesenangan orang lain. dengki dengan kebahagiaan orang lain. senang citer, dengki dengan segala benda. ye. mmg ramai orang orang yang macam tu skarang. ade je bnda yang nak didengkikan.

dier nak buat sesuatu yang baik, kau dengki. so kau buat cerita itu ini supaya orang lain pikir yang dier tu saje2 buat kebaikan tu sbb nak kan itu ini.
dier blaja, dapat result lagi baek. kau dengki. so kau buat cerita cakap dier kaki tiru, xpun kaki bodek.
dier banyak duit. kau dengki. so kau buat cerita yang dier banyak duit sbb buat bnda2 kotor.
dier ade duit lebih, nak buat rumah. kau dengki. so kau cakap dier saje nak menunjuk-nunjuk kekayaan yang dier ade.
dier meniaga, perniagaan dier laku. kau dengki. so kau cakap dier ade ilmu. guna pelaris bagai.

ape masalah kau sebenar nye? x cukup kau buat cerita, pegi canang sana sini. kau guna bomoh porak perandakan hidup dier plak. ape masalah kau?

hidup mati, jodoh, rezeki. itu hak Allah. kalau da rezeki dier untuk dapat yang baek2, kenapa kau dengki sangat. kalau betul Allah da bukak pintu hati dier buat kebaikan, kenapa kau nak dengki jugak? "sampaikanlah pesanan ku walau hanya dengan sepotong ayat" Nabi Muhammad SAW sendiri berpesan.

kalau betul kau nak hidup senang, bekerjalah bersungguh2 kerana Allah. bukan sbb duit semata2. buatlah sesuatu tu tanpa sebarang balasan, buat sesuatu perkara kerana Allah. bukan untuk diri sendiri. tolonglah. tolonglah hilangkan rasa dengki tu. xkan bawak ke mana2 pun. tolonglah. tolonglah jangan berdengki2 lagi.

pesan Rasulullah SAW, "sampaikanlah pesanan ku walau hanya dengan sepotong ayat".
"berpesan-pesanlah dengan kebenaran, dan berpesan-pesanlah dengan kesabaran" (al-'Asr:3)

Friday, May 11, 2012

to HER.

to her. may u always be happy. dunno if u ever pray for me. but no worries, i'll never get mad of you. maybe i used to, but u r forgiven long time ago. insyaAllah, may Allah keeps me in peaceful heart so that i will never have a grudge towards you. aminn..

we used to be closed, but everything changed. dunno what happened between us. dunno where it all started that made us to become what we have became now. dunno why. dunno how. it just .. yeahhh.. became what we are now.

yes, i know. will always bear in my mind, people walk in & out into your life, some will stay, some are not. i'm hoping you to stay, but maybe, just maybe my pray wasn't enough to make you stay. but it is ok. i'll pray for you from here. or wherever i'm at. be happy dear, smile, may you be blessed.

i may not brave or strong enough to face many things in a time. but i will try to be one. & i may not brave or strong enough to say NO, or to fight people words, or to sound people directly to his or her face. but it is ok. as long as im not picking up any fight with people. be humble, be nice, be patient, be better person. forgive but i'll never forget *just becoming this way lately*. ntah.. maybe i'll never forget because i'll make a lesson from it. maybe.

so, to whom it may concern. thanx for everything & i am sorry for being such a bad person towards you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

today's story

today.. hurmm.. i've seen lots of things.

first. about the video. a woman hit & kicked a baby. hurmmm. it was.. haihh.. dunno how to say it. but it was insane. totally insane. there was another woman who took the video. most of us got mad at her for not taking any act to safe the baby. but then the truth revealed. she tried to, but she got hit too. but.. hurmm.. she at least.. can do something kan? bawak lari terus baby tu ke. kesian sangat kat baby tu. menangis tersedu2. hurmmm.. i was speechless by the time i watched that video. & zani, my friend who showed me the video, she cried..

second. when i was in the bus on the way back to hostel. ade foreigner ni. bag dier tersepit kat pintu. so, most of the students in the bus shouted to the bus driver to open the door. but he did nothing. they kept asking. & i saw a girl stood in front of the bus, she kept saying that the driver won't open the door. hurmmm.. & yes. of course we kept shotuing & asking the driver to open the door. then, a minute later he opened it. one more thing.. he drove the bus like he was in a race. hurmm.. ntahhh.. tataw nak cakap ape.

i am the girl who will easily cry for something yang macam ni lah. yang bilamana melihat manusia yang tade perasaan humanity. it's painful to see those who are act like they have no feelings. haihh laaa.. dunia dunia..

Saturday, May 5, 2012

imma dead..!!

my awesomeness exam week for this semester. ouhh.. yeahh right.. im in love with exam without a gap. *sigh*

but its quite ok.. because i can go home early. he he he.. a week early. ^_^

muda :)

nak masuk bakul angkat sendiri kejap. he he he

kat UPM nihhh.. rata2 yg jumpa eqa. mesti dorang ingt eqa muda. huhu~ so, sometimes, they used "aku/kau" or "saya/awak" masa first time jumpa. nak nak masa awal2 masuk UPM. masa orientasi. bler cakap umo sebenar, dorang terkejut & tanya balik either eqa maen2 or mmg serius. da tentu lah seriussss kannnn?

so.. baru2 ni pon same. ade sorang chinese ni. dier cakap muka eqa ni tak nampak macam umur eqa skarang. nampak macam baru 19 @ 20 gitttewwww.. hehehe.. muka i baby face uolll.. hahaha.. yg masa family day untuk hiking club pon same. masa sesi2 nak kenal uh.. baru dorang taw umur eqa da lanjut. muahaha..

seriouslyyy muka i nampak muda? err errr.. ntah la. rasa muka ni da cukup tua da. huhu..

sooo.. marilah menjaga muka kita dengan wudhuk. insyaAllah. muka akan kelihatan berseri & muda selalu. jgn amek wudhuk je. tapi solatnye tidak. *wink*

itu saje sesi masuk bakul angkat sendiri. morningggg..! ^_^

Friday, May 4, 2012

i really have no idea


goshhhh.. got tons of ASSignments this semester. & i haven't done many of it. dunno why, im becoming damn lazy. eh.. tak tak.. i was so busy with many things. supposedly, i should manage my time wisely. ouh damn. what should i do now? *da tentu lah g wat kje, takkaan dok hadap blog lagi kan...?* huhu..

most of the ASSIgnments, there are so into writing. & hurmm.. u know how much i hate academic writing. aiyooo.. masak la..! anyone wanna help me with those assignments? anyone? plz. have some sympathy plz. huu~

arghhh.. im stress.. & today spanish test.. it was. hurmm.. so-so maybe. hopefully, i can recover back my 1st test.... HOPEFULLY derrr..!

ok. that is all. BYE