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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

today's story

today.. hurmm.. i've seen lots of things.

first. about the video. a woman hit & kicked a baby. hurmmm. it was.. haihh.. dunno how to say it. but it was insane. totally insane. there was another woman who took the video. most of us got mad at her for not taking any act to safe the baby. but then the truth revealed. she tried to, but she got hit too. but.. hurmm.. she at least.. can do something kan? bawak lari terus baby tu ke. kesian sangat kat baby tu. menangis tersedu2. hurmmm.. i was speechless by the time i watched that video. & zani, my friend who showed me the video, she cried..

second. when i was in the bus on the way back to hostel. ade foreigner ni. bag dier tersepit kat pintu. so, most of the students in the bus shouted to the bus driver to open the door. but he did nothing. they kept asking. & i saw a girl stood in front of the bus, she kept saying that the driver won't open the door. hurmmm.. & yes. of course we kept shotuing & asking the driver to open the door. then, a minute later he opened it. one more thing.. he drove the bus like he was in a race. hurmm.. ntahhh.. tataw nak cakap ape.

i am the girl who will easily cry for something yang macam ni lah. yang bilamana melihat manusia yang tade perasaan humanity. it's painful to see those who are act like they have no feelings. haihh laaa.. dunia dunia..

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