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Monday, May 14, 2012

the night

the night is referring to a dinner that was conducted by Afiq's club. i went there. & i was like.. hurmmm.. *buat muka tataw malu*.. seriously. though Bunchet's insisted & kept persuading me that everything & everyone was ok with me at there. derr.. still.. sayer malu. yala.. got nothing to do with them actually, even i know some of them. but.. u know. hurmmm.. still. MALU.

but.. millions of thanx dear Afiq's friends for the warm welcome. thanx a lot. thanx for being such a nice friend to me :). thanx yurp. seriously, honestly. sometimes i do feel like i am an outsider when i was with u guys. *i am an outsider. what daa....*. but the way u treat me. it does make me feel better. thanx again.

here. are just pictures of me & Bunchet. really, only few pictures in my camera.

to dear Bunchet. thanx a lot for everything. thanx for being near even u r far. thanx for being so damn understanding even-though we never in the same boat. thanx for being so damn protective. thanx dear sayang. i know u love me. & i love u too.

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