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Friday, May 4, 2012

i really have no idea


goshhhh.. got tons of ASSignments this semester. & i haven't done many of it. dunno why, im becoming damn lazy. eh.. tak tak.. i was so busy with many things. supposedly, i should manage my time wisely. ouh damn. what should i do now? *da tentu lah g wat kje, takkaan dok hadap blog lagi kan...?* huhu..

most of the ASSIgnments, there are so into writing. & hurmm.. u know how much i hate academic writing. aiyooo.. masak la..! anyone wanna help me with those assignments? anyone? plz. have some sympathy plz. huu~

arghhh.. im stress.. & today spanish test.. it was. hurmm.. so-so maybe. hopefully, i can recover back my 1st test.... HOPEFULLY derrr..!

ok. that is all. BYE

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