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Friday, May 11, 2012

to HER.

to her. may u always be happy. dunno if u ever pray for me. but no worries, i'll never get mad of you. maybe i used to, but u r forgiven long time ago. insyaAllah, may Allah keeps me in peaceful heart so that i will never have a grudge towards you. aminn..

we used to be closed, but everything changed. dunno what happened between us. dunno where it all started that made us to become what we have became now. dunno why. dunno how. it just .. yeahhh.. became what we are now.

yes, i know. will always bear in my mind, people walk in & out into your life, some will stay, some are not. i'm hoping you to stay, but maybe, just maybe my pray wasn't enough to make you stay. but it is ok. i'll pray for you from here. or wherever i'm at. be happy dear, smile, may you be blessed.

i may not brave or strong enough to face many things in a time. but i will try to be one. & i may not brave or strong enough to say NO, or to fight people words, or to sound people directly to his or her face. but it is ok. as long as im not picking up any fight with people. be humble, be nice, be patient, be better person. forgive but i'll never forget *just becoming this way lately*. ntah.. maybe i'll never forget because i'll make a lesson from it. maybe.

so, to whom it may concern. thanx for everything & i am sorry for being such a bad person towards you.

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