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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

how shud i say this?

how shud i say this? i mean. the feelings that i am having right now since my sista's big day. how shud i explain it? how shud i elaborate all the feelings that have been mixed here, deep in my heart.

the one & only sista that i have, she is someone's wife. & the lack of time being alone with her, hurmm. its sumtimes, bothered me.

the day, she became a wife, after the akad, i cant help myself to stop or to hold on the tears. the time that i hugged her, that was the time my tears kept pouring down. after she was being hugged by my parents. i came to her, and she said "kau xnak salam aku ke?". i shake her hand and hugged her immediately. hurmm..

that was on the big day. then the moment when we came to terengganu. her ceremony on abg nadzri behalf. it was ok for me until we want to go back to melaka. when all the families went to the bus, and she followed us. i was at her back, with other relatives, then i went to her, wanted to shake her before i go into the bus. & i saw her tears. hurmmmmm.

until now, it feels like a dream. i dunno either i can accept the truth or not. yeahh. i know, sooner or later, i'll be sumone's wife too. but.. for her, i just want more time to be alone with her. just me & her. haihhh..

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