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Thursday, June 21, 2012

good evening eberibadi..!

hee~ its been a while i've been away from updating anything in here. i was busy doing some blog-walking, stalking, & some other stuffs. he he he

now.. im in my holiday. & home sweet home. here in my own room. teheee..~ doing everything like online, movies, games & sumtimes eat. & yeahh.. i've been thinking to decorate my room. maybe.. just maybe.. i'll start it soon. when the diligent comes to me. ahahaha..

really do not know what am i suppose to do during my holiday. working?? hurmm.. i wished.. my mom won't let me working. she was once said to me that if i wanna work, then just work at home by doing all the house-chores thingy. brilliant idea i think. ~.^. but mom.. will i be paid if i really do all the things? hee~ RM100 per week maybe. ^__^

& i am finding a right day to have a date. wee~! its been real long that we haven't spend the time together. yeahh. of course he was here, at my house during the wedding, & Terenganu of course, but that cannot be counted. huu~! i'll find a day for us. ^__^

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