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Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday 08092012

this date, this day.... was a happy day for me as i haven't went out with my mR. Bunchet for many daysssss.. we've been meeting few times few weeks back, but that was just a meeting. i brought him home to be with my families, then i sent him home. huu~

but this date.. we had the opportunity to be together, hung out together, walk together, shopping together, & be happy together of course. derrr.. just one day before i left my home sweet home for a battle. the-battle-of-life. hehe..

the short time we had, err.. as for me... it was damn worth it. but for him, i think it was quite bored. hah laaaa.. da nama pon perempuan... da tentu lah sangat lama nak menilik baju from shop to shop. kannn..? hehe.. sorry dear mR. Bunchet... it is in my blood that kind of attitude... choosy but worth it. :)

thanx for today sayang. thanx for every seconds u spent for me, thanx for every penny, thanx for the awesome day i had. ^_^

awak.. i had fun today. lotsa fun. thanx a lot awak....!!!

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