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Friday, April 6, 2012

i'd thought about this before

yezzzaa.. what was the thought ekk..? the thought of having a bF from the same university. wee~ ya la kann.. we often watch movies either local or oversea nye. both have the same genre which a couple from a university. first saw in university. then befriend, then fall in love, the BLAblaBla.. kannn?

so, when i was in the 'teen years. i'd thought about this. even-though i'd experience some relationships during my schooldays, but obviously, school & university/college lives are totally different. whereas at school, u still behave like a kid, or the maturity hasn't come yet. & yes in the uni, u're kinda of almost reach the level of maturity. deng~! haha.

so, regarding those movies.. when i was teenagers (skarang pun teenage lagi kan? umo je yg da tak 'teen' lagi. kan? he he he).. watching those movies really made me imagined of the life in university. where i can meet some guy, from the same uni, or perhaps the same faculty, to be specified the same course. hah amekkk.. go to class together, study pun together gether. pegi sana sini together gether. hehhh.. dat was the thoughts of mine before the maturity came to me. huhu~ that was before la.

& now, ntah.. huu~ mmg la.. sometimes, when u see pair of couples here & there all the time.. sometimes, the jealousy came to me. ya la kan. sape tak jeles... ur lover is just in front of your face all the time all. kannn? sometimes, mmg jeles. so? what am i trying to say here? im lost. err~!

so, that was the thought of mine. just a thought. & it a WASSSSSS.. plz. dun be offended.

love is everywhere. & distance, it never can be a reason pun. if the love is strong, pure, sacred, & u have the honesty, the responsibility in taking care your relationship, trustworthy, InsyaAllah. everything will be just fineeee. kannn?

*i really had no idea what i was talking up there. denggg~!*

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