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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

its gonna be a little bit long

this post, its gonna be a little bit longer than usual. coz i have so much things to say in here.

1st : AYAHHHHH..!!!
selamat ulangtahun kelahiran yang ke-57..!
semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya untuk ayah. semoga ayah sentiasa dikurniakan kesihatan yang elok. semoga ayah dipanjangkan umur, semoga pintu rezeki ayah diperluaskan oleh Allah. semoga segala yang baik2 untuk ayah..
*called my daddy this morning. & wished him. wish to be with my dad & celebrate the day*

2nd : BUNCHETTTT..!!!
happy 28-months sayanggg.. sorry. forgot everything last nite. even my dad's birthday. i was so damn devoted with all the books & notes. im sorry.
28-months for me.. its a long journey for us. get through over lots & lots of difficulties, fights, jealousy. its kinda a hard journey for us. even I sometimes, decided to end up everything. yeahhh.. that's my weakness.. i know u hate it. i know it. hee~ but still, when we were in a hard situation, i eventually said the word. im sorry. those things, like i told u before. it just the steps to mature our relationship. & thanx for keep on staying with me. thanx for being such a patient man for me. thanx. & sorry too, for every little & single wrong things that i'd done to u. mi vida eres tu. i love youuuuu.. moga rahmat Allah sentiasa ada dalam hubungan kiter. aminnn

today, i had 2 tests. to be emphasized, TWO KILLER TESTS..!! i do not know what my result would be. but i hope it is ok. more than half is ok for me. im no good in reading & memorizing. im into numbers actually. but i do not know how on earth im stuck with arts & language. huu~ but its ok. something to be learned too. wish me luck. pray for me. second semester, doesn't seems nice to me. huu~ my fault maybe. gotta do something about it... gotta manage my time wisely. uhukkk.. two more tests on this upcoming Sunday. reading & memorizing again. hopefully, i can do it.


  1. tamaw. i wanna a special post just for me. hahaha demand2!

  2. mane boleh deman demand. tak boleh sama sekali