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Friday, March 16, 2012

im trying...

im trying to be a good muslimah. i mean a better one. better than today. better than ever.

deep inside my heart, i know & i realize, that im not a good Muslimah. thus, i have & must to change myself. but then. i always failed with my lust. it's been in my mind for a long time. & always, the desire to change was always lost to the lust.

first, i started with hijab. alhamdulillah. hijab will always covering my head. but i know, covering just my head & hair is not enough. as wearing a hijab is to cover the chest too. i failed with that. yet, im trying my best. slowly changing my lifestyle. my appearance. insyaAllah. may Allah be with me.

then, i used to wear something fit. something that can show my body figure. & alhamdulillah again. with NUR from Allah, i started to wear something loose. but, yeahhh.. still not loose enough. as i said earlier, i failed to against my lust. my fault. i am trying my best too.

hurmm.. today, im not yet a good muslimah. with my words, my attitude, i know. i still have to change lots & lots of thing. i hope i will strong enough to against the dunnia lust.

my past, enough for me to regret bout it. 

i was once thought about wearing niqab. still have the desire. :)

mohon Allah kuatkan hati, tunjukkan jalan. moga NUR-Nya akan selalu bersamaku. moga hati ini akan diterangi dengan hidayah Allah. aminnn.

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