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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

this semester

this semester.. all subjects are the HARDCORE subjects. facts, reading, memorizing, understanding. no number. except for the years & facts.. hurmm..

im so not into memorizing & reading. i am damn weak in that kind of thingy. as for me, paying attention in the class, is really enough for me. but, this semester, most of the lecturers, hurmmm.. they are not teaching at all. a little bit lost in the class. really make me feel lazy to class. & today. i skipped one class already. not feeling guilty at all. huu~

im not complaining. just.. i lost in my own way. im the type of paying my utmost attention in the class, & this kinda teaching, these lecturers, hurmm.. make me lost. how am i going to survive this semester? reading & memorizing? i may need a lot of pills & ginkgo biloba to make my brain more functional & energetic. huu~

hurmm.. cannot give up. i have & must do my best..! ouhh. i need support. give me support. & pray for me. thank you.

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