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Friday, March 8, 2013

title-less :)

hee~ it just that i have no idea about what shud i put for the title. title isn't necessary kan? what's important is the thing inside the post. hehe

so.. how are u dear readers? err.. *ade ke readers ni?* huhu..
time is moving so fast kannn? skejap je da nak masuk minggu ke 4 da ni. haihh laaa.. too many things to be done yet im not moving even a little pon. *the lazy nur syafiqah -.-" *

this semester seems a little bit hard for me as many of the subjects are kinda abstract. i mean, before ni punyer subject u can see some hierarchy of words. or some sound symbols. but this semester i am facing the things that are related with mental symbols, psychology & etc etc that u cannot even see the changes nor the table nor the figureeee.. arghhhh...

pape pon.. all the best eqa. 

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