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Thursday, August 9, 2012

how old am i..?

haaaa... wait. i admit. im 20++. hee~ but most of the times, when i met my mom's or dad's friends. they always thought that i still a student in secondary school. they often ask me "sekolah tingkatan berapa ni?". ouchhh... terharu i u'ollls. haha..

when i said im no longer a secondary students.. sometimes, ade yg terkejut tak percaya dgn kenyataan eqa. huhu~ nak buat macam mane.. saya da tua makcik & pakcik. muka je babyface. hehehehe..

so.. that's the story bout people who thought that i still young..

& there was a time during my childhood.. people mistakenly thought that i am a Chinese little girl yg kiut miut gittewww. haha.. there was a time when i was with my dad at a shopping complex, then a Chinese woman, who is a saleswoman, came to us & had a conversation in Chinese language. huhu... ayah trus termangu2 & said that we are not Chinese. & that woman said sorry to us. she said that she really thought that we were Chinese, because my dad himself looks like Chinese even until now people mistakenly assume that he is a Chinese. & that lady also said that i really look like a Chinese kid. weehuuu.. maybe that time, i kinda fairer than now. & yeahhh... with a fair skin, wearing gown... i did look like a Chinese girl. tak cayer, come here, i'll show u my picture when i was a kid. hehehehehe... not like now... kulit da tak fair sudah. sawo matang jadi nyer. mmg pure Malay skin color. huu~

here.. just a picture.. i took it last 2 days. when i see this picture... saya rasa saya mixed. hahahaha.. Jawa+Boyan. yeahhh... that's me. huhu

sepet la aiiii budak nihh.. biler senyum or ketawa terus tak nampak mata. huhu..