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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the coming RAYA

raya 2012... hurmm.. few days left. & i don't really have the mood for raya. or is it because the age of mine right now make me feel that way..? hurmmm.. *thinking & wondering* .. seriously... i don't know, maybe the mood still wandering somewhere, & waiting for the perfect time to come to me. huhu~

but, the thing is... i really can't wait for raya. WHY ea...? because all the families will gather together :). ouhh ya... except for one person. my sister... as i told u before here in my blog. she'll be in Terengganu.

raya.. hurmmm.. i haven't do anything. baju raya ada da.. house is still.. hurmmm.. tongkang pecah? huhu.. yeahhh... still like that. abang tak balik for 2 weeks. his work, as usual every year before raya, clean the windows, the fans & lamps.. & ok. we'll wait till this coming friday. when he get home, i'll give him rags & a pail of water. huu~

my mom & I still have 3 types of cookies that we haven't done yet. so.. this wednesday, will burn the midnight oil to make those cookies. & only the two of us.

AND... Gray is our color theme for this coming raya :)...

dear Mr. Moods & Mr. Feels... please come to me when u're ready. ouhh.. JANGAN..! come to me when i ready. hee~

**mak.. plz dun cry because kakak can't celebrate raya with us. i know u were sad yesterday, because of the raya songs that they played in the hotel. & the others were teasing u and kakak of course. i know it, i saw it. i saw ur tears... mak, dun be sad, dun cry. hurmm.. she'll celebrate raya with us soon. ok? & macam mane orang nak kawen kalau macam ni. huu~ mesti mak ayah lagi sedih kan? huhu.. I LOVE U BOTH MAK AYAH..!

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