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Monday, July 30, 2012

i have nothing to say

these few days.. i will say "OK". huu~ ntah.. dunno how i feel. but to be around with families.. its a bless. my big brother & sister, they were home during last weekend. & abg brought his soon-to-be-wife along with him. & sister, her husband of course. & it was somehow, a big family suddenly. huhu..

actually. the post's title said that i have nothing to say. but.. actually.. i am saying something right here, right now. kannn...?? huhu... well.. i was & i still thinking bout this particular thing right now. it's about this year raya celebration. my sister, she's not celebrating it with us this year. she'll be going to Terengganu & celebrating the raya at there. ya laaa.. orang dah ade suami. huhu.. & i was thinking... how it will be for me for this Raya celebration. because usually, every night before Raya, me & my sister will help my mom to cook rendang & prepare all the other things. because there are only 2 daughters in the family.. so.. we'll do almost everything to help our mother. & me.... around 2-3 am.. i'll be in the room & iron their clothes. & this raya... i guess.. i'll be alone. hurmmm........................................

so.. here is my NOTHING TO SAY post. huhu...

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