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Thursday, July 12, 2012

meluah rasa...

ececehhh.. title nak jiwang kannn..? hehe..

well.. nothing really. just.. im not so happy with few changes that occured in my life right now. hurmm.. maybe im not yet used to it. time will heal it. insyaAllah. hopefully... because hurmm. ntah. dunno how to say it.

then.. hurmm.. sometimes, when we are hoping for something we can't put any high hope. just when what you were hoping is not happening, you will feel really bad about it. & never expect that people around you know you & your hopes. you can watch drama or anything. but you should not trust the drama 100% or should not compare it with the reality that you are living in. never & never do that. in the drama, for example, when the gF is pissed off & she's thinking of that her bF will do this & that. & suddenly the boy really do it. it just like the chemistry that live within them. duhhh~! really? & you, while you watching it.. "wahhh.. best nye.." "wahhh.. seronoknye ade bF macam tu" & blablabla. stop it sisters. the director & the script writer know the best way to make the story becomes interesting. so... stop dreaming & hoping that your life will be just like in the drama. nonsense. no such thing..!

*demn.. see.. dramas really give me bad influences in my life. hurmmm..

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