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Sunday, December 23, 2012

23/12/2012, 0302 am

hello guys. its been ages & i hadn't write anything in here. hurmm.. many things happened. sometimes i did feel like i wanna update something in here. but, im just a lazy girl. huu~

no laa. i was so damn busy.. till the last week in the semester. still got assignment, & oral test, & presentation, & etc. it just, the burden for me is getting a little bit tougher than before 'cause im a scholar now. so.. the responsibilities are tougher or toughest. huu~

this semester, its kinda hard. some is okay, but.. ntah. dunno how to describe. hopefully everything gonna be just ok for me. aminnn

& life.... a hectic life maybe. as i kept moving here & there to sttle up many things. & this semester, only at the end of it i can went out. seeeee.. how tough is my life now. huu~

gambar tade kne mengena ngan post. ^_^
as i move on with this life. i know that not everything will be like what i want or like what i plan. there is something for me. insyaAllah. and no matter how hard the life will be, i'll try the very best of me to get over it.

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