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Friday, April 19, 2013

my siblings

there are only 3 siblings in my family. including me of course. Nur Hakim, Nur Hazirah & Nur Syafiqah. do u realize that both of them have the same initial? N. H. while mine is N. S.. huu.. that whats make me unique. weehuu~~ *saja sedapkan hati*.. hehehe..

my sister, she's married. my brother.. next year. insyaAllah.. me?? err.. err... wait till i get what i want. Doctorate for sure. i have target y'know?? that's too.. insyaAllah. if only i get flying colors with my result, then i'll go for ph.D.

i used to hate my sister. huhu.. because she's mean. yeahh.. mean. but that was back then. when the immature thinking of mine was conquering my brain. i used to have a distant between me & my brother.. dunno why.. maybe because of the age gap between us. 8 years.. but now.. alhamdulillah.. as time moving on. as I getting more matured, everything is ok. i love my sister & i love my brother. & now, the relation between me & my brother is getting better than before. alhamdulillah... again. thank you Allah..

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