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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

whats make yourself unique?

this title, actually, we were assigned by our utmost lecturer to have a kind of impromptu speech about ourselves. so, we need to deliver those speech for about 2-3 minutes. & this speech, there are few checklist to be done to make sure it is an effective speech. the mark is also quite high actually. *padahal cakap mende cenonet je pommm*. huhu

there are 3 points, first is about our background, second is about the uniqueness in us, last one is about why we chose our major. the 1st & 3rd part, for me, it still can be elaborated. but the 2nd part.. hurmm.. i have problem with it.


because i do not know whats make myself unique.. derrr.. who knows la der? for me.. people who knows and sees you that know whats the unique thing about u la.. takkan lah nak masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak??? so.. in that speech, i will just say that i do not know the thing that makes me unique. seriously.. how should i know about that.. arghhh..!

but, maybe i will just say that.. i am happy to be me, i am accepting myself as who i am, i am enjoying my life as who i am. & for that facts.. i know that i am unique. because my motto is, be yourself, because u r unique in your own way. *peace v^.^v*


***cannot sleep because i had two cups of coffee. sigh

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