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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a reward to self

last saturday, i went to a dinner. MAKPA.. a college dinner.

and i was awarded with an award. alhamdulillah.. at least, i got something for myself. after being a hardworking students & daughter. i got something for myself. no.. its not the end yet. got a long journey to go. & i have to do many things in order to have another reward for myself & of course for my dearest parents.

mom & dad.. this is the least i can give you for the moment. wait for me till i end up this journey. i'll give u a lot more. insyaAllah.. doakan yang terbaik untuk anakmu.

last but not least. thanx mak & ayah for all the guidance, lessons & everything that both of u give to me since my existence in mom's tummy till now. thanks a lot.

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