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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

hello & hye :)

a hello and hye from me.. as i haven't post out anything for a long time. been toooooo damn busy.. being a final year student is not a fun thing. yeah.. of course it is a fun thing because, y'know. FINAL YEAR STUDENT. huu~ but, it is not an easy one year for me & the rest of my colleagues. been busy with assignments, presentations & not forgotten, the FYP. huu~. i have not touch anything on my FYP.

so.. why am i updating this blog after a long time of silence? why am i updating my blog during my busiest time? nothing.. just to share about something..

last week.. 14th March 2014.. my brother is officially a HUSBAND. & as a sister... of course i am happy & i hope that he is going to be a good husband and a good leader for his family..

BUT... in the same time.. i feel the sadness.. & why is it? because the gap of age between us is quite a big number. 8 years.. & once upon a time, back then... we were not that close. hurmm.. how to say ea? alaaa.. faham2 je la ea. huhuhu.. my brother and my sister, they quite close with each other. maybe the gap of age between them is not so much.. & i don't know since when I can get along with my brother. i used to feel awkward with my brother. huhu.. don't know why..

and now... with both brother and sister are having their own family, my feelings are a bit uncertain.. hehehe.. sengal kan? but overall.. i am happy for them.. seriously..

to abang... i love you. i may not say it directly to you. but do know that i love you. & u will always be in my prays. be a good husband, be good man, be a good caliph, be a good son, & i wish everything the best for you. aminnn

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