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Monday, February 14, 2011

antonym of good mood

i am not in the good mood. dunno why. mybe of the tiring day of mine plus the hot weather this few days. make me really uncomfortable & having a headache. ade kne mengena tak mood dgn penat & sakit kepala..? ade je kann..

really. no mood at all. dun ask me why. just dun. ok?

certain things are not in the right place. certain things are making me mad. certain things are just uninvited.
dunno how to describe things actually. coz.. im the type of keep my mouth shut when somethings happened. no words would be nice to use accept the CURSING words. yurpp. so.. keep my mouth shut is the BESTTTT thing to do.

& moment right now it the BEST moment for me to talk all the nonsense thingy. merapu is ME actually.. mengarut is TOTALLY NUR SYAFIQAH MOHD ROSLAN..

arghhh..! wanna scream..!!

so.. y dun just let me write anything so that i can recover from the crap mood. tapii.. tataw nak cakap ape.hurmm.. sedih. sakit. penat. kecewa. menyampah. semua yang negative ade la. need something to calm me down. haihh

*really. im not in the good mood. i dunno y. & do not ask me y. ok??

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