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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

its finally here

the time. the time dat i always scared of. the time is here. she's gonna be someone's someone. finally. hurmm..

she is the only one i have. d only one who sometimes will listen to me when i was babbling bout this & that. the only who i will search whenever i was facing some problems. the one who will call me when she was in a mess. the one who will spend her money when i ask for it. huu~ the only one for everything. she is going to be someone's someone.

hurmm.. what can i do. itulah suratan yang tertulis sejak azali. di loh mahfuz telah menyatakan masanya telah tiba. iaitu.. tidak lama lagi..

im gonna miss her when she's gone. im gonna miss her a lot to tease her.
kakak. all the best in your life. may the happiness will always be by ur side. may the bless always be with u. sayang kamuuu.. *malu nak cakap depan2* hahaha..

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