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Sunday, May 1, 2011

a Dinner

a dinner.. i went to a dinner. to his dinner. huu~ kinda felt awkward there coz it wasn't my dinner at all. & i dun even know his friends well. kinda know few but... kenal macam tu je la kan. not so close. kalo its my dinner.. i'll be the one who will walk here & there. talking, gossiping, laughing & other things.

& i was at there. like. hurmm.. what shud i do..? shud i go there & try to make a conversation..? guess what.. i sat there. remain silent. huhu~ ceq pemalu la. klo kenal, mulut ceq nih mmg da laju macam keta api da. tp.. sbb kenal gitu2 je. so, mulut nih macam ade berlian. hehe..

& to his friends. sorry for not making any conversation. sorry if i looked kinda bored there. it was because i felt so shame sampai tableh nk berceloteh. huhu.. eqa mmg senyap dgn org yang baru kenal. nnti da knal lame. nak suruh eqa stop bercakap pon payah. :)

to him. thanx for inviting me. thanx for being patient everytime i buat hal ngan u. thanx for ur willingness to accompany me to go here & there. thanx ye sayang.

& & &... u look so damn handsome that nite *melting*. tgk la sape yang jadi ur image consultant. hehehe..*simpan dat vest for our wedding* ^__^.

 ps : ok.. sayer gemuk. ~.~"

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