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Sunday, September 4, 2011

my raya.. :)

my raya this year. it was so-so. ^_^. i'm no longer little girl kan.. so, raya is something yang biasa biasa aja la kot. no more eager feeling for raya. exception for MAKAN.. hehehe..

& eager to meet my big families. because raya is the only time for us to gather & meet each other. not the only time la. but u know la how it feels when u & ur big families celebrate something together kannn..? so, i was eager to meet them. & today... they are back to their hometown.

& im counting for the next time for us to gather again.

so, i'll put some picture here. & the rest of the picture. u can see it in my facebook. but.. maybe i'll update them a bit late. wee~

p/s : me & my cuzzies... we LOVE to take pictures. lot of them. huhu

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