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Monday, September 5, 2011

study time.

ouhh no. its coming. 1 day left. & its on the day after tomorrow. i haven't pack anything yet. i haven't prepare anything yet including myself. huhu

yesterday, i was anxious. thinking about this & that. what should i bring, what should i do, is there anything else that i haven't fill up. how am i going to start a new day at there. how this & that, what this & that. & everything. & yesterday, when i was thinking about this, suddenly i felt nervous. huu~ my heart started beating faster than ever. ya la. its been a year i didn't do anything. my brain hadn't function well. kannn..? so, im a bit scared pon ade jugakkk.

sooooo, i have to make a move right now. start to gather all the stuffs, & pack them up into the luggage.. & do pray for me yaaa. huhu.

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