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Thursday, October 20, 2011

mid-semester holiday

yeayyy..! next week is our mid-sem holiday. & yeayyy again. i'll be home for a week..!

so, last week on thursday & friday, i had my very first tests in UPM. so far both test were OK. i mean, alhamdulillah i can do it even-though i was not really study for both subjects. & last Monday, i had my Bahasa Melayu Tinggi test. yaaa. im a Malay. for sure i can do it well kannn..? but nay... i was not doing well. & why? because early topics were not about the grammar & so on. it's about theory and history. & my brain, they cannot do well in remembering things. but they can do very very well in calculations. how on earth are you going to remember so many facts in a time? & all the theories & facts are slightly the same...??? arghhh.. its just not suit for me. no at all. we had our discussion yesterday about the test in class. but i was not really remeber what were my answers for those questions. but. hurmm.. its ok. it just a test. & there are lots more things that be done to increase the marks. kannn..?

so, this holiday, its not really a holiday actually. 'coz i have tons of assignment to be done by the end of this holiday. err err.. xpe, to achieve ur ambitions, sacrifice is needed. yeahhh. ;)

tomorrow, i am going to skip one class. because my mom asked to. hehehe.. my mom & dad will be going to kL b'coz my mom have to attend a course. so, there is nobody in Melaka. & my parents ask me to go to kL with them. & so, i have to skip one class la. huu~ my very first 'PONTENG' class for this semester.

& ok. that is all from me. so.. till then. bubye everybody. & last but not least.. HAPPY HOLIDAY DEAR FRIENDS..!!! ^__^

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