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Saturday, November 12, 2011

assignment with the 'S' at the end.

yeahhh.. assignment. lots & lots & lots of it. & being busy with the proposal.. it does make me feel a little bit stress & tired actually. but heyy.. student kannn..? everything is student-centered kannnn..? so, here i am. facing those things again. after a year did nothing, "goyang kaki like a queen", & now i have to use my brain in a proper way. muahaha...

so, i have to do 5 poems & a short story. i can handle the poems but not the SHORT STORY.. i'll make it really short if it is POSSIBLE. but nay, it is impossible. huu~

then i have to complete my BM assignment which is LARAS BAHASA ILMIAH. apparently, there are no such things. there are, but not really specific in its ILMIAH thingy. so, yeahh.. student centered again. u have to find it out by ur own. kannnn..??

then i have to critic a speech. ouhh.. maybe just maybe i could find the konon-malaysian-first-lady punyer speech. maybe there ARE lots of things to be criticized. huu~ but in a academic way la der. aiyarkkk..

so... there are 3 assignments. three seems to look a bit kannn? but there are killing me softly. huhuhu.. & the proposal. enough to blow up my head. & when the proposal get the approval, there comes the new explosive in my head. hu hu hu.

pity me. pity me.

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