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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


done with one presentation.
another presentation is going to be tonight.
2 presentations in a day.
one done, one more to go.
after that. legaaaa.. coz no more presentation.
just will be busy with all the prose, short story & assignments.
ouhh yeahhh.. im going to terengganu tomorrow.
Scout Jamboree. hee~
until monday. & back to UPM on Tuesday morning.
where i will have to take a test as soon as i reach UPM. awesomeness kannn..?? huu~
so, reading my notes all the way in Jamboree. way to go eqa. huhuhu..
wish me luck, for the test. & Jamboree.

& its raining a lot today. & im not sleeping. congratulation to me. hehehe

psssttt*1 : thanx awak for the hardwork to get me a place to attend the jamboree. thanx a lot.. :)

psssttt*2 : 4.00 this semester. pray for me yurppp..!

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