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Friday, July 29, 2011

in the mood

 while i am in the mood of updating my blog. so, here i am. in front of my lappy. pressing the keyboard to update this blog. muahaha..

last nite, there was a match between Singapura "sukapurapura" and Malaysia "superduperawesome". though we lose the game, we lose it with dignity. the players played well but maybe they were a bit tense in the field so that they couldn't think well in there. *hurmmm, its my opinion la kan. sesuka ati eden je kan?haha*.. naaa..! compared to the LION, with full of acting here & there. wasting all the VALUABLE time for Malaysian's players. urghhh.. so LAME la LION..!!! nevermind Malaysian's players. we still here to support you. its ok. there will be a time where we can conquer the world. insyaAllah. we HEART u HARIMAU MALAYA..!!

ok.. done with football.. next..

hurmm. lagi beberapa hari nak masuk Ramadhan. alhamdulillah, berkesempatan untuk berpuasa lagi. insyaAllah, Ramadhan kali ni, akan digunakan sebaik mungkin untuk perhebatkan lagi iman. insyaAllah. moga redha Allah sentiasa bersama kita.

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